Why Does Nobody Read My Brochure?

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Written by Matt Berringer

February 7, 2022

There’s a wealth of content competing for our attention these days. One of the most effective but often misunderstood marketing tools is the online brochure. Many readers skip these resources expecting boring content or simply skim for a few seconds and move on to the next company.

Thankfully, it’s possible to avoid the common mistakes and push the boundaries of brochures far beyond a generic marketing message with colorfulness and creativity. The nxtbook and PageRaft platforms make it possible to create interactive brochures that can capture your audience’s attention.

Nxtbook Media has created this walkthrough guide to help you avoid the common pitfalls of brochures and teach you how to create engaging brochures for your customer base.

Most Common Mistakes Businesses Make

There are many examples of mistakes on brochures because it’s a difficult skill to master. The writer and graphic designer need to get to the heart of your company in a tight space. Here are a few examples of common brochure mistakes:

Can a Brochure Still Help?

A brochure is an outstanding tool that companies can use to capture attention and encourage the audience to take action in a short space. An interactive digital brochure can serve as a quick overview of your company and excite the reader about your vision and products or services.

There are several insider tips you can use to create engaging brochures:

Revolutionize Your Marketing Brochures With nxtbook Interactivity Today

The nxtbook and PageRaft platforms will help you create, launch and host an interactive marketing brochure experience for your clients. nxtbook is ideal if you want to take an existing brochure digital, while PageRaft is perfect for building a responsive experience from the ground up.

Ready to see the Nxtbook difference for yourself? Connect with our team online for a free demo and start your journey toward marketing brochure engagement.

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