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Responsive Platforms That Attract Readers and Drive Engagement

The publishing industry has changed a lot in the past 15 years. Readers across the world now consume content on a variety of digital devices and in a multitude of ways. While much has changed, one aspect of the experience remains the same, readers still want great content. With PageRaft and nxtbook you can deliver premium user experiences that elevate your brand’s image and increase audience engagement.

Mild to Wild Digital Magazine Created in PageRaft
Milepost Digital Magazine Created in nxtbook

Go Beyond the PDF

In today’s age, there’s no reason for your premium digital content to be locked up in static documents available through traditional publishing. Go beyond the PDF. Embedded videos, animations, and interactive features will have your readers wondering how you made it all work.

› What are digital publishing platforms?

A web publishing platform will enable you to publish content online to get your message out. Effective platforms will enable you to include videos, images and more, as well as remain accessible. Web publishing platforms do not require the same overhead as print. Learn more.

› How do you get a publishing platform?

Getting a publishing platform doesn’t need to be a difficult process. Understand the needs of your brand and explore the relevant platform options. Find a platform that meets your needs. Once you find this, you should contact the platform provider and speak to them about your strategy. Learn more about choosing a platform.

› What is the best online publishing platform?

The most effective platform will meet the needs of the user. Some commonly required areas successful businesses consider are: ease of build, mobile-friendliness, the storytelling experience, personalization and accessibility. Compare platforms using these criteria to find the best platform for your business. Learn more.

› What is a digital publishing tool?

Digital publishing tools allow you to create content for online users, such as users on a computer, tablet or smartphone. There are a number of specific tools, platforms and websites that can facilitate the process of taking traditional content and publishing it online. Learn more.

Digital Publishing Platforms that Increase Engagement, Improve Content Performance, and Drive Revenue

Two Platforms. Unlimited Potential.

Nxtbook Media offers two platforms to meet the evolving needs of the publishing industry.

PageRaft allows publishers to create a fully responsive, interactive experience across all devices. With nxtbook, you can create digital content that replicates traditional print layouts. Both platforms provide insightful analytics for your engagement initiatives.

These insights go well beyond traditional PDF metrics (number of downloads). Instead, these tools help you better understand how your readers are engaging with your content and for how long.

Examples of Our Publishing Platforms

Disney Springs Digital Magazine Created in nxtbook

Create a Premium Digital Content Experience for Your Audience

To stand out in today’s competitive landscape you have to create extraordinary content but you also have to present it in an extraordinary way. Give your audience a dynamic, engaging experience that drives results.

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Designing Your Digital Magazine in PageRaft or nxtbook:


Tools to create high-quality, engaging digital magazine experiences. Visitors to PageRaft titles stay an average of seven minutes. Searchable archives and back issues help your readers quickly find the content they need, creating an interactive user experience.


Our platforms offer a variety of interesting and unique ways to monetize your content and secure advertisers including interactive content, banners, belly bands, and more.

Best-in-Class Support

Our team has been publishing digital magazines for more than 15 years. If you need support, inspiration, or someone to dive in and help with your project, we’re ready and willing!


With PageRaft you aren’t boxed into pre-made templates. You get a blank canvas and powerful tools to design your magazine your way. Don’t worry though, there’s no coding, domain, or hosting work standing in the way of an efficient publishing and distribution process.


In-depth analytics and reporting helps you understand your target audience to guide your magazine’s content strategy and drive advertiser revenue.


Adjust your sharing settings based on your marketing strategy. Attract new audiences by choosing to make your content open to search engine traffic. Or gate-content for subscribers only and disable downloads.

Create a Premium Digital Magazine Experience for Your Premium Magazine Content

You work hard to deliver high quality content for your audience. But if the content is hard to read on a mobile device or requires pinching and zooming on every page, is your audience going to stay engaged?

PageRaft mockup example Star Wars
PageRaft mockup example Hamilton

Premium digital magazine content needs to be accompanied by a premium reading experience. Don’t settle for static PDFs to publish your online magazine. Your magazine readers, your content, and your brand deserve a more engaging, storytelling solution.

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What Our Partners Are Saying

  • "I was pleasantly surprised with the robustness of the Nxtbook solution and even more so with the customer support. It can be risky to take on a new solution-especially one in a space I'm not familiar with—but the Nxtbook team quickly allayed my fears by responding to each of my questions in a timely, and professional manner."

    Stu Johnson
    Director of Marketing
    Redzone Production Systems

  • "There is no way for me, our production team and our staff to express the incredible joy that we feel about your digital platform. We adore PageRaft and feel that it is intelligent, intuitive, and crisp. Thank you so much for your help, creativity, and excellence. From my point of view, I've been in journalism for 30 years and our launch on PageRaft was one of the best days of my career."

    Lawrence Hollyfield
    Director of Operations
    Global Golf Post

  • "This innovative digital technology helps share magazine content in a mobile-friendly format with an easy-to-navigate design that offers expanded mobile advertising opportunities."

    Montoya Whiteman
    American Indian Science And Engineering Society

  • "We used Page Raft to create a digital version of a print magazine we publish and couldn't have been happier with our experience. The magazine is interactive, clean and extremely easy to navigate. Also, our design elements, which the team animated, really look the part on-screen. We would recommend Nxtbook without a shadow of a doubt!"

    Paula Murphy
    Content Editor
    Zahra Media Group

  • "I just want to tell you that of all of the relationships that we have with other companies, our relationship with Nxtbook is by far the best. We all really love working with all of you."

    Nicole Schwelnus
    Director, Creative Web Services
    Henry Schein

  • "Working with Nxtbook is so easy and stress-free. They are always quick, friendly and our books look amazing. It is a partnership we can't do without!"

    Erin Hein
    Director of Operations
    Knighthouse Publishing

  • "I get a lot of very favorable comments from our readers on our Scorecard. Wow. So professional. So clear. Easy to read. Fast. And some more wows."

    John Grossman
    District President
    American Contract Bridge League

  • "WWF International's Annual Review brings the WWF brand to life, celebrating our many achievements over the past year. Thank you for helping us produce the online version which allows us to share what we do in a much more engaging way. Your design team was a pleasure to work with and your efficient design process made it easy for us to deliver this project on time at the highest standards. Thank you."

    May Guerraoui
    Brand Strategy Manager
    WWF International

  • "You could not ask for a more loyal partner than Nxtbook Media. Whatever you need, whatever a client requests, they make it happen, and are more than happy to help."

    Lee A. Gelwicks
    Operations Manager
    Mercury Publishing Services, Inc.

Who is publishing with Nxtbook?

Nxtbook works with leading content creators from around the globe in order to create engaging curated experiences.

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