Leverage Your Product Catalogs in Social Media

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Written by Matt Berringer

February 7, 2022

E-commerce and social media are merging to become overlapping industries. The story of Mark Zuckerberg in the critically acclaimed “The Social Network” biopic was about building an empire around human connection. Now, social media is evolving into an e-commerce opportunity. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest feature catalog options to showcase your products and product collections.

The nxtbook and PageRaft platforms can help you create dynamic and interactive catalogs for social media without the hassle of extensive training. This step-by-step guide will show you how social media uses product catalogs and review the best tips and tricks for leveraging these tools.

How Does Social Media Use a Product Catalog?

Social media platforms have created unique approaches to integrating product catalogs into their sites.

These three platforms host catalogs for marketing:

Best Practices For Using Your Catalog on Social

Social media marketing is a complex mix of technical requirements and best practices. We’ve compiled five techniques that can help your next catalog shine on social media:

Learn More About Creating Interactive Catalogs with Nxtbook Today

The nxtbook and PageRaft platforms can help you create interactive product catalogs you can edit to update and revitalize your catalog regularly. The nxtbook CMS allows you to upload your current catalog and mirror its design with advanced features like animation, video, and audio. These features make it a great solution for developing engaging social media catalogs.
Want to try nxtbook first-hand? Reach out to the team for a free demo today and experience the next evolution in interactive digital publishing.

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