We Are Award-Winning Digital Publishing Innovators

Hi. We’re Nxtbook.

We partner with publishers and brands to provide innovative digital publishing solutions that make your content stand out.


The Nxtbook Story begins in the early 1990’s, long before digital was an everyday experience. In fact, our three original partners (Michael, Rox, and Jim) met while working at a printing firm. They eventually started their own business that delivered reprinted magazine articles.

The idea for Nxtbook Media formed in 2003. A new technology emerged that could digitize reprinted articles for faster turnaround times and wider distribution. The partners saw a big opportunity to digitize entire magazine publications and approached publishers to share this new technology.

In 2003 Nxtbook Media was born, built on the idea that digital publications were the “Next” Book. (Get it?)

Today, the Nxtbook platform sees over one million readers every month to thousands of digital publications. We love helping your content be seen by more people. Let’s work together.

Award Winning

Nxtbook Media is an award-winning company and has recognized as a “Best Place to Work in PA” for nine consecutive years, claiming the number one spot four times. Other recognitions include being named as an INC 500 Fastest Growing Company, Ethics In Business award, and many others.

Privately Owned

Nxtbook has always been a privately owned small business committed to investing profits back into our products, services, and people. This also creates an environment where ownership is easily accessible and able to quickly address any situations that arise.


Nxtbook Media was one of the first to bring a digital “flipbook” solution to publishers in the US. We’ve been proudly working with companies since 2003, giving us years of experience to help make your digital program a success.

Support & Strategy

Clients are assigned a dedicated Account Executive to help discuss strategy and best practices for your digital program. We also have a Success Team that quickly addresses technical needs. In addition, Nxtbook offers training and live events geared towards helping you become a digital publishing pro.


At Nxtbook, we’re built to scale with your company, offering numerous programs to help fit your current needs and budget. From full-service turnkey solutions to self-service partner programs, we can adapt and grow throughout our partnership with one another.


Additional Services

At Nxtbook, we go beyond a simple page flipping technology into services that enhance your digital efforts. From a design team that can help create and optimize your digital edition to email distribution campaigns, we’ve got you covered.

Products that deliver results.

Universal Features

Nxtbook products boast more universal features for engagement and enhancement than any other platform. This means more ways to create a satisfying digital reading experience for your audience.


At the end of the day, you need to increase revenue. Our products offer built-in monetization options for sponsorships, lead generation, and advertising to help you do just that.


Digital editions aren’t a ‘one size fits all’ product. Neither is the Nxtbook platform. We can work together to create a customized approach for your digital program.


Security and reliability are important to us. That’s why we offer a handful of ways to make sure your content is only being seen by the audience you want. And with 99.999% uptime, you can rest assured content will always be available.


Going digital doesn’t mean losing a way to sell subscriptions. We offer turnkey subscription services that help you sell single issues and annual packages.


A digital product means in-depth tracking to help you be successful. With automated push reports, you can receive regularly timed analytics letting you know how your content is performing.

Build Once. Publish Everywhere.

When you publish on the Nxtbook platform, your content will be automatically available across multiple devices, giving your readers access to it regardless of what device they are on.

Development Team

Nxtbook products are backed by an in-house team of developers constantly working to make our products better and easier to use. This also allows us to respond quickly, if issues arise that need to be addressed.

Adaptable Technology

The Nxtbook products were originally created for magazine publishers, but over time, they have evolved into a technology that is adaptable to numerous applications. See some of our most popular solutions.


These seven values define every action we take at Nxtbook on a daily basis.

We believe in providing meaningful assistance to our clients, community, and employees in whatever way we can to help them succeed.

Through collaboration, we will establish caring and meaningful relationships with one another, our clients, and those in the community, to share ideas and work together as partners in success.

We will lead by example, share our expertise and knowledge, and inspire others toward a purposeful future.

Even when it is challenging to do so, we will act with honesty and uphold the highest moral and ethical principles through our own personal and professional actions.

We will look past the obvious toward imaginative solutions. We will question the status quo, seeking different perspectives so that we inspire innovation and originality.

We will make certain that individually and collectively we are proud of the work and effort we invest in the success of our clients and ourselves.

We will infuse our interactions with our unique personalities. We will let our passion be the fuel we need to take on projects, ideas, and causes to which we are truly committed.


Exist to Inspire is more than a vision, it is our daily charge to encourage our clients, community, family, and friends to become the best they can be.


Nxtbook Media exists to inspire our community to realize its full creative potential. We embrace the fact that we are an integral part of our community’s success and will passionately support them to that end.

Nxtbook serves as a model business, dedicated to providing superior results, by encouraging collaboration, tirelessly pursuing new challenges, and being socially responsible.


We’re a diverse group of creative strategists, success agents, developers, and designers who love helping publishers share their content with the world.