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People developing a digital strategy for their B2B marketing

B2B Enterprise Marketing

Create Immersive eBooks, White Papers, and Digital Content That Drives Prospects & Leads

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Magazines sit in a pile because everyone is reading the digital version


Create a Digital Magazine That is Responsive and Mobile-Friendly or Replicate a Print Magazine with a Digital Edition

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A student showing her love for digital resources

Higher Education

Create Immersive Student Guides, Lookbooks, and Magazines That Drive Engagement

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A stadium full of excited fans reading the team digital program

Sports Leagues

Create Mobile-Friendly Programs and Magazines That Enhance the Fan Experience

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A woman traveling the world wishing she had a digital guide she could use

Travel & Leisure

Design Engaging Content for Your Mobile Audience

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A doctor and patient going over a digital brochure


Drive member engagement with a responsive, mobile friendly content & brand experience.

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A marketing agency developing a digital strategy for their clients

Marketing Agencies

Digital Content Experiences That Wow Clients and Improve Performance

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Clients have never been happier than when they have a great digital experience with their financial institute

Financial Services

Drive Client Engagement with Content That is Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

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A doctor and patient going over a digital brochure


Digital Content That Delivers Patient Engagement and Builds Client Trust

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Digital publishing solutions for every goal

Whether you are ready to create a digital version of a printed magazine, digital sales collateral, premium marketing content, travel brochures, or anything else, we’re here to help! With more than 17 years of digital publishing experience, we know the industry and we’re ready to support your team in achieving its goals.

Production support

One of the benefits of working with Nxtbook Media is the depth and breadth of our production support services. For many years, we were a full-service company, that meant we managed, designed, built, and published digital content for clients from beginning to end. In recent years, we’ve added a licensing model, which allows clients to manage the process on their own if they choose. The beauty of this model is that we’re still here to support licensed customers in the same way we support full-service ones. If you need help with one page, one project, or more our team can do it all!

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