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› Do our readers need an app to view content?

Nope! Our content is totally accessible via the web. There are no apps to download or install before reading. That means less barriers to entry and more readers viewing your content!

If you want to develop a branded app for mobile devices to house your content and archives, we can help you do it, but apps are not required to view or engage with any content produced on our platforms.

› What’s the difference between nxtbook and PageRaft?

nxtbook is a great platform for businesses who already have a print design and want to replicate that design in a digital flipbook format. nxtbook can create pixel-perfect replicas of your print designs from PDF files but it doesn’t stop there. You can also add some life to your publication with animations, videos, audio (great for podcasts!). For publishers looking to create revenue via advertising, there are a variety of monetization options available.

While nxtbook is great for transforming print designs into digital flipbooks, Pageraft is perfect for creating digital-first designs. This platform helps businesses build and deliver fully responsive, engaging content that looks awesome on every device. Both platforms can help deliver more engaging content than a static PDF.

We put together this handy flow chart to help in understanding which platform to choose, but don’t worry about choosing either platform right now. Get in touch with us and we’ll work together to develop an effective strategy, identify the right platform to achieve your goals, and get to work delighting your audience.

Whether you go with PageRaft or nxtbook, you can rest easy knowing that our entire team is here to support your success. That includes a dedicated Partner Advocate Team who will meet with you regularly to provide strategic guidance and (should you need them) a full-service production team who can expertly design your publications for digital excellence.

› Are nxtbook and PageRaft projects search engine friendly?

In a word, yes! We know that search engine optimization is a big deal for all companies these days. That’s why we designed the nxtbook and PageRaft platforms to expose your text to search engines by default. This means that your project can be crawled, indexed, and ranked for keywords. This happens no matter which page rendering option is used. In addition, the domain has very high domain authority, this can help accelerate the indexing and ranking process. If you do not want your content to be found on search engines – you can disable this feature.

› How do you compare to other digital publishers?

While features may vary from platform to platform, our main difference is our people. We’ve been rated one of the best places to work in Pennsylvania for nearly every year we’ve been in business. And happy employees make for happy partners.

Our partners tell us that when compared to other companies — we care, a lot! We have worked hard to create a culture that thrives on doing the right thing (it’s one of our core values). So whether we’re staying up late to fix an issue or our co-founders decide to start calling partners out of the blue to see how they’re doing, you can count on us to do the right thing.

When it comes to technology, our platforms are some of the most flexible in the industry. We’ve been in the business for more than 17 years now and throughout that time our partners have come to us with all kinds of ideas of how to improve their digital editions to make them shine. We’re pretty bad at saying no. So there are a lot of cool things you can do in our platforms that others might not have thought of yet.

› How do you design and publish a project?
  1. Set Goals – Meet with us to talk about your goals
  2. Make a Decision – Decide if we’re the right fit to help you meet your goals
  3. Start Onboarding – If so, we’ll get you signed up and start onboarding with either PageRaft or nxtbook.
    • We’ll send you the login information
    • Access to Knowledge Base
    • Provide contact information for your Partner Advocate
    • They will be in touch to start your journey
› How much does it cost?

You can find our super simple pricing here. Discounts are available depending on your terms. Enterprise licenses are also a popular option. If you just need help with a one-off project, we can do that as well!

› Do you have a free trial?

Our goal at Nxtbook Media is to make sure you can achieve yours. We are your partners in digital publishing. We’ll work with you throughout your buying process to ensure you are comfortable with your decision. We have provided trials on a case-by-case basis. Get in touch with us to explore your options.

› How long does it take from a signed contract to getting me in the software?

Once we receive payment per the contract, we will provide access to both the Knowledge Base and the appropriate CMS. At that point, you will have immediate access to the software. At that point we will schedule time for an onboarding call to help get you started.

› How long does it take to learn the software?

Like any other software, there is a learning curve. Spending time in the software is helpful and the more time you spend, the more comfortable you’ll become. Our products are extremely powerful and fully featured and our team is here to help you succeed. In addition, the nxtbook platform has a step-by-step guide that assists in creating your replica edition. The PageRaft platform is a little more fluid due to the creative nature of the end product. As always, we’re here to help every step of the way.

› My project is 60 pages, how long will it take me to create a project in nxtbook or PageRaft? How long would it take your team to do it for us?

Creating a project in nxtbook goes pretty quickly. To produce a 60-page nxtbook project, you may be looking at an hour to create a final project. Depending on whether you have some additional features you want to add, it could add some additional time. Overall, it will not take more than two hours to produce most nxtbook projects.

With PageRaft being a more creative platform, creating a 60-page project could take four to six hours, or more. Painting a stick figure is pretty simple, but if you want to paint a Picasso you need to expect it to take a lot longer. That’s the beauty of PageRaft, you can make it whatever you want.

› How do you create accessible content?

When accessibility is the priority, both of our platforms feature options to help you achieve your goals. nxtbook features a standard keyboard operable interface and additional options to adjust font, colors, and more. PageRaft allows publishers to provide an interface that can be fully accessed using keyboard interactivity alone. Commonly used screen reading software will work seamlessly with PageRaft to describe the interface, read out the content, and describe images using alt text. While no system can fully automate the accessible experience, both platforms offer all the necessary tools and guidelines to help you remove obstacles to your content.

PageRaft offers support for your accessible content. Our CMS interface will automatically provide much of the infrastructure required to meet the operability standards of AA level WCAG guidelines, however, there is more to accessibility than just the ability to operate and interact with the software. We also offer tools that allow you to make your content perceivable according to WCAG standards. Additional content and even altered content are likely required, but PageRaft ensures that you can make it available to your readers.

To learn more about the major requirements and additional aspects to consider when making your content accessible using PageRaft, have a look at our Accessibility Guide. The guide was published using the accessible PageRaft platform and can serve as an example of its basic capabilities.

› Can you help me design and publish a project?

Absolutely! One of the benefits of working with us is that we’ve got your back every step of the way. We have dedicated Partner Advocates assigned to every partner (that’s what we call clients around here!) who will work with you on a strategic and tactical level to make sure you’re achieving your goals. In addition to that we have a team of expert designers and production staff standing by ready to assist you with your whole project or even just a small part. Don’t let staffing issues or time constraints hold you back from producing dynamite content, our team is here to help!

› Why would I use a Nxtbook platform instead of a responsive website?

Responsive websites are pretty much standard fare for businesses today and they are very effective for some use cases. However, they are extremely limited in terms of being able to deliver information in a structured, narrative-driven, format. There is no sense of completeness or having read-through a website, visitors browse a site but they don’t necessarily read it.

That’s why PageRaft is more effective than a responsive site. You can build a responsive experience that has a beginning, middle, and an end. Along the way you can add in elements like videos, audio clips, and animations to drive engagement and improve knowledge retention. And unlike a website you don’t need a programmer to build and update your collateral.

› Why not use a PDF?

If you ever want to start a conversation with someone who works at Nxtbook Media, ask them this question! The short answer is that static PDFs are very hard to read on a mobile device. With more than half of the traffic on the web coming from mobile devices, that’s a pretty big problem! Can you afford to shut out 50 percent of your audience before they even see your content?

PDFs also create headaches in terms of search-ability, version control, and brand aesthetics.

Here’s deeper dive from our blog: Premium content deserves better than a PDF.

› What types of interactivity are available to make our publication stand out?

One of the biggest benefits of digital publishing is that you can make your content come alive. Our platforms offer a variety of ways to do that including animations, videos, surveys, forms, audio, gifs, and more!

› Do most people create their own or do they have Nxtbook Media produce it instead?

This really depends on each company. Many partners simply want a turn-key solution where they send us the files and we do everything to build, design, and produce the publication. Other partners have team members who take the lead on designing and producing themselves. That’s the beauty of working with Nxtbook Media, the choice is yours and you can switch at any time!

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