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Digital catalogs, like print catalogs, are the cornerstone of many business marketing strategies. They let you share your companies' product line with wholesale clients and retail customers alike. Interactive digital catalogs mimic a printed catalog's look, with a similar layout and pages to flip through.

The internet has seen a surge in professional-looking digital catalog in recent years. Why? They go above and beyond what print campaigns can achieve.

Our software can help you curate engaging, interactive digital catalogs that elevate your brand's presence and deliver premium user experiences. We help you design responsive digital catalogs that:

  • Are accessible to customers and clients everywhere.
  • Integrate a variety of multimedia, including video and audio.
  • Are more shareable and cheaper to produce than print catalogs.
  • Can connect your digital catalog with your web store.
  • Are more easily updated than print catalogs.

You bring the digital catalog content. We provide the deeply engaging, interactive platform.

You work hard to create your content, so why settle for a mediocre digital platform?

Our interactive, top of the line content solutions capture your reader's attention for minutes on end so you can make an impact.

Catalog Publishing Platforms

PageRaft and nxtbook are digital publishing platforms that curate professional-looking digital catalog for your brand. With digital catalog software from Nxtbook Media, you can engage your audience for over seven minutes per visit, creating easy-to-update, responsive catalogs with detailed reporting.

How to Create Interactive Digital Catalogs

Engaging & Interactive Catalog Design

One of the major benefits of digital publishing platforms is that they encourage users to stay on your loading page longer. Our beautifully curated digital catalogs are widely accessible and responsive, allowing customers and clients to view your product pages from virtually anywhere, on any device.

Our digital catalog software allows you to convert or design web-friendly catalogs. Achieve maximum speed, readability and text sharpness with professional digital catalogs that minimize loading time and optimize your documents for online use.

Professional Support From Experts

If you're wondering how to design a responsive catalog that will increase your ROI and stand out from the crowd, Nxtbook Media can help. For over 15 years, we've been committed to helping content creators thrive. When you choose our interactive catalog designer platforms, you can enjoy many benefits, including:

  • As our client, you are assigned to our Partner Advocate team. They will discuss and share best practices for your goals and digital programs.
  • We offer licenses to our software or we can also produce your publications for you.
  • We are an award-winning company named an Ethics in Business Award Winner and an Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Company, among others.
  • Our team has worked with companies since 2003, giving us the know-how to make your digital catalogs a success.
  • You'll receive services and support to enhance your experience and achieve your goals.

Analyzing Reader Behavior Through Our Software

Digital catalog software from Nxtbook Media lets you track user behavior and stay up to date on what your customers want. As the designer of a web-friendly interactive digital catalog, you want to collect, combine and analyze qualitative and quantitative data to understand how users interact with your digital catalogs and why

Tracking and analyzing user behavior will help you:

  • Get first-hand insight into what people are gravitating toward, interested in or ignoring.
  • Identify where users are getting confused and why they are leaving.
  • Determine how specific sections and pages are performing.
  • Generate potential leads by understanding what your customers care about.

Catalogs Accessible for All

When creating an interactive digital catalog, your material must be as accessible as it is convertible. Nxtbook Media offers accessibility features so that your digital catalogs are easily readable by sighted readers and visually-impaired readers alike.

Examples of Our Catalog Publishing Platforms

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