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You bring the report content. We provide the deeply engaging, interactive platform.

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Do you want to design responsive reports online? Nxtbook Media provides software for professional reporting so you can create interactive, customizable digital reports. We are committed to helping you deliver premium user experiences that elevate your brand's image and keep readers on the page. Our team works with leading content creators from around the globe to help them deliver high quality branded digital reports.

As a content producer, you want an annual report software that can create responsive, online versions for your audience.

The solution is accessible digital platforms that enable you to produce high quality content and track reader engagement. Annual report software from Nxtbook Media provides insightful analytics for your digital reports that go well beyond traditional PDF metrics. Instead, these tools help you better understand how your readers engage with your content and for how long.

You bring the report content. We provide the deeply engaging, interactive platform.

You work hard to create your content, so why settle for a mediocre digital platform?

Our interactive, top of the line content solutions capture your reader's attention for minutes on end so you can make an impact.

Interactive Digital Reports Engage Readers

Our software allows you to create customizable online reports that are explicitly designed to deliver visually engaging and informative experiences. We offer the following platforms to help you build digital reports.

Reports That Engage Clients & Customers

Digital Reporting Expertise

With over 15 years of digital publishing expertise, Nxtbook Media strives to help our clients build exceptional digital report experiences. With the help of our deeply engaging digital report platforms, you can make reports more professional and create a more significant impact with your curated content.

The benefits of choosing Nxtbook Media include:

  • One of the first companies to bring a digital flipbook to content creators around the world.
  • We've been helping brands thrive with digital publishing since 2003.
  • Award-winning company that has been recognized as a "Best Place to Work in Pennsylvania."
  • We offer a variety of software and services to fit your needs and budget.
  • Partner Advocates help guide your team to meet and exceed your goals.

Designing Engaging Digital Reports

One of the most critical components of a high quality digital report is accessibility. An accessible digital report makes it easier for people with disabilities to access information.

Creating professional, accessible reports allows individuals to:

  • Have equal access to information.
  • Provide training geared toward helping you become a digital magazine software pro.
  • Utilize document styles to jump from one part of a report to another.
  • Hear descriptions from image and picture tags to better understand page graphics.
  • Use document properties for contact information.
  • Maneuver through documents more easily.

Examples of Our Report Publishing Platform

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