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You work hard to create your content, so why settle for a mediocre digital platform?

Are you looking to create an engaging brochure for an online audience? Whether you want to replicate a print brochure with a digital edition or design entirely new mobile-friendly, responsive content, Nxtbook Media has solutions. We offer digital brochure software to develop professional content through two platforms.

› What is an interactive brochure?

Interactive brochures are used to advertise your brand product or service. Brochures are easy to make, useful for readerss, and grab the attention of customers. Interactive brochures take this to the next level by adding multi-media. This let’s readers engage actively with content. See examples of interactive brochures.

› How do I make an interactive brochure?

To make a brochure interactive you’ll need to decide on the type of content, the design elements and a template that will best reach your readers. There are a number of free options for personal use as well as professional solutions for businesses. Read how to create an interactive brochure.

› What are the benefits of digital brochures?

Digital brochures have all the same benefits as their print by allowing you to advertise your brand, product or service. They also providing enhanced engagement, trackability, cost savings, as well as decreasing waste. Learn more about the benefits.

› What are the uses of a digital brochure?

Digital brochues can be used to promote a product, generate leads, build your brand, clarify your messages and more. Think about your target audience and what they need to know. A good digital brochure will answer this in an engaging way. Learn more about how to use digital brochures effectively.

Our interactive, top of the line content solutions capture your reader's attention for minutes on end so you can make an impact.

"Now is the time when the greatest businesses of the next decade will be built. Now is the time when the most innovative companies take market share from those who are just holding on. Nxtbook can help you build innovative digital experiences that engage and delight digital audiences."

Joe Pulizzi

Content Marketing Strategist, Speaker, and Best-Selling Author

How to Make an Interactive Digital Brochure

With PageRaft, you can create visually appealing digital brochures that combine the responsiveness of a website and the curated feel of a publication. Experience interactive brochure software that can engage your audience for over 7 minutes per visit. PageRaft is customizable to your brand, deeply engaging, automatically readable and scrollable vertically and horizontally.

Develop professional online brochures that replicate traditional print layouts with nxtbook. As the most interactive and customizable replica platform for creating digital brochures on the market, nxtbook delivers an engrossing experience that includes slideshows, animation, video embedding, digital-only advertising, brand customizations, podcast embedding, advanced page rendering, and web windows.

Brochures That Engage Clients & Customers

Professional-looking digital brochures that engage clients and customers are essential for building awareness of your brand. A digital brochure is your product pitch in digital form. The nature of digital brochures is incredibly interactive and, unlike physical brochures, they are highly optimizable for a wide range of digital mediums.

Whether you want to create engaging brochures designed with engaging animations or add multi-media to showcase your products, interactive brochure software can help you maximize customer engagement.

Businesses can tap into several key benefits of digital brochures to maximize conversions, including:

  • Update in real time, helping sales personnel sell better and stay informed.
  • Share across several channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
  • Command the viewer's attention with content that is easy to understand and follow.
  • Optimized to display perfectly on any device.
  • Integrate with CTA buttons to gather leads.

How to Design Engaging Brochures

How do you create engaging online brochures? Nxtbook Media's digital brochure maker software is easily customizable. You can personalize your online brochure for presentation, layout, color, file size and output format to suit your goals. To design an engaging, responsive brochure, follow these guidelines:

  • Use solid background images and colors to define sections.
  • Make the main content of your brochure skimmable and concise — incorporate bullet points and lists, and add a subheading for every two to three paragraphs and keep paragraphs under four lines.
  • Use a maximum of two or three fonts and colors.
  • Give your cover an engaging, clear message. Focus on designing a cover for your brochure that's eye-catching and memorable.
  • Make your calls to action a prominent feature to guide readers toward taking the next step.

Reporting on Reader Analytics

Tracking and reporting on reader analytics helps you make intelligent decisions backed by real data. Digital brochure software from Nxtbook Media provides in-depth tracking to help you make decisions that support future growth. With reporting capability for both the PageRaft and nxtbook platforms, you can review analytics at any time.

Brochure Accessibility

Accessibility should be a priority when designing a responsive online brochure. An accessible brochure makes it easier for people with disabilities to access online content with the help of assistive technology devices and software. These include screen readers, screen magnifiers, text-to-speech software, speech-recognition software, and alternative input devices. PageRaft helps make it easier to create accessible digital brochures so that no one is left behind.

Examples of Interactive Online Brochures

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