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Create interactive and engaging experiences that match the look and feel of your print publications or PDFs.

nxtbook's replica platform is a great solution for

Travel Guides
Sales Collateral
Digital Catalogs
HR Collateral
Stakeholder Reports
Digital Textbooks
and More

Customizable Elements

Video Embedding
Digital Only Advertising
Podcast Embedding
Brand Customizations
Web Windows
Advanced Page Rendering

Lean On 18+ Years of Digital Publishing Know-How.

We’ve been doing this a long time and we’re here to help you achieve your goals. Our replica platform is called nxtbook. It helps you create content that mirrors your print design while adding a layer of interactivity and engagement for digital audiences. And now you can even create mobile-friendly digital editions with Article View!

Whether you’re looking to do it yourself or leverage our team of expert designers. We’re here to help guide you every step of the way!

Nxtbook Print to Digital

Support to Help You Succeed

We are not your typical content platform provider. We give you top-level support and resources so your digital content program can thrive.

Personal, 1 to 1 assistance
at your fingertips

Partner Advocate
Dedicated Partner Advocate

Your Partner Advocate will help you with your digital program strategy and ensure all your projects are running smoothly.

Success Team
Success Team

Our Success Team is available to make sure all the technical details of your projects run well.

Knowledge Base

Our Knowledge Base takes you step by step through the creation of your nxtbook project so you can create simply, beautifully, and effectively.


You’ll have real-time analytics from our third-party analytics provider right out of the gate. Clean data, clear insights. All this, so you can steer your content efforts in the right direction.


Readers love and are more likely to take action when an experience is personalized to them. We have multiple ways to make this a reality.
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A simpler take on topical. Readers make their own book with every visit, based on the content they want to see.

Versioning Icon


Make every reader feel like you know their community, challenges, and needs. Create different versions for readers based on their location, title, or other criteria.

Make the Experience
(Really) Exceptional

Our nxtbook platform is exceptional out of the box. Our team can still take it to another level, if need be, with these add on services and features.

Article View

A nxtbook feature that enables you to make reading and engaging with content on a mobile device a lot easier for your audience.

Enabling Article View extracts the content from the pages you have uploaded and allows you to edit and arrange that content into a mobile version.


nxtbook includes features to make your publication more accessible, including a keyboard operable interface and features for adjusting fonts, colors, and more.

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nxtbook accessiblility settings shown on a laptop
A nxtbook created using our production services

Production Services

We go all the way from building a book from scratch in our nxtbook CMS to creating custom templates to helping your team define their brand story.

We are a one-stop shop for making you (and your content) thrive!

Gate Your Content

Control who has access to your content. We can do custom integrations with your existing digital rights management solution to limit access to your content.

Gated Content

What’s The Process?

( It’s pretty simple )


Turn your content into a high-resolution PDF file and upload it into our intuitive nxtbook CMS.


Jump into our platform and quickly build the deeply engaging, interactive experience you are looking for.


You now have a tool that can engage your audiences for over 7 minutes per visit! Put it on your website, social media, and email it out!

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“Your team is always responsive and prompt in turning around my projects.”

“Working with Molly and her team has been a very pleasurable experience. They are very responsive and after working together for a while they know what I am looking for in a publication.”

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