3 Major Benefits of Going Paperless

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Written by Matt Berringer

April 3, 2020

As reliance on digital platforms increases, it’s important to understand the benefits of taking your company paperless! Moving to a digital space is environmentally friendly, user friendly, and data friendly! All these benefits can help improve company performance and help you develop meaningful relationships with your customers.

Environmentally Friendly

Paper usage depends heavily on the world’s resources. Trees and clean water are necessary for the production of paper. Believe it or not, even in this digital world the use of paper has risen by 400% in the last 40 years and with it comes a lot of deforestation. Trees are an important part of the circle of life and help absorb CO2 in our atmosphere, as well as, provide oxygen for us to breathe. Reducing paper use could help save a lot of trees. Paper production also requires large amounts of water. It takes 1.5 cups of water to produce a single piece of paper. By cutting down on paper usage, you can help conserve and protect sources of clean drinking water around the world. Paper products also often require delivery to consumers, so cutting down on your reliance on paper can help reduce air pollution resulting from transportation. Beyond the other advantages of going digital, it can also be your contribution to helping the environment! Consumers care about the values of an organization and with so many companies creating sustainability programs, going paperless could be the first step in making your company “go green!”

User Friendly

Developing a paperless product can also enhance the experience of a reader. Utilizing digital platforms to spread your message creates opportunities for the audience to get involved with your content. When publishing digitally, content creators have more options than ever to drive engagement with their content. For example, they can embed videos, slideshows, polls, etc. – the list goes on and on with what can be incorporated into your virtual project. Interactivity on web pages has even been shown to increase the memory recall of visitors to a site, so it is important in making your message stay relevant in a consumer’s mind! When a user is able to interact with content, it can make them feel more connected to the company and the message. As more and more companies produce content, brand loyalty and customer relationships become a key strategy in staying ahead. Digital platforms also allow for users to access your content anywhere. With smartphones, laptops, and tablets, people have unlimited access to terrific content at all times! If your content isn’t available digitally, chances are they will find content that is. Switching to digital could make the difference when it comes to consumer choice.

Data Friendly

Producing digital content also allows for important feedback from consumers. Data analysis of visitor engagement informs the need for companies to adapt and change aspects of a digital product that consumers may like or dislike. Person looking at tablet with graphs on itTechnology allows for immediate feedback and traces a customer’s experience in real time – a clear advantage over paper.  By producing and analyzing digital content consumption, companies can strategically refine how they would like to improve their content. Understanding consumer behavior can also help you produce content that is relevant to them. By building a digital platform, companies can reap the benefits of data analytics and build their audience.

While printed materials provide a special experience for customers, going paperless can provide your company and your customers with a multitude of benefits. Curious about creating a paperless edition of your content? Feel free to fill out our Schedule a Demo Form. We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and discuss the many ways to make your content more impressionable for your audience.

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