Nxtbook Media Garners Prestigous WorldBlu Freedom Centered Culture Award

Matt Clement

Written by Matt Clement

May 14, 2019

Nxtbook Media, one of the leading digital publishing companies in the US and internationally, has been serving publishers, marketers, agencies, associations, universities, and travel companies, among others, for over 15 years in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

During that decade and a half, the organization has made it a priority to build a freedom-based culture that allows employees to own, lead, and excel in their roles. With such a focus, the team has been able to create technologies that are among the best in the market and hence push the organization forward.

Their moves culturally have garnered the attention of WorldBlu, a global community of organizations devoted to freedom and democracy in the workplace. who have decided to award Nxtbook Media with their prestigious Freedom-Centered Cultures Award. Intriguingly, Nxtbook is one of only 33 companies to receive the international award in 2019, and the only company in Pennsylvania to be given the distinction this year.

WorldBlu CEO, Traci Fenton, had the following to say about the award “We are delighted that Nxtbook has earned the prestigious WorldBlu Freedom-Centered Culture award.  They are inspiring their employees and community to reach their fullest potential with their model Freedom-Centered Culture and deserve to be recognized for their visionary work.”
In response to receiving the recognition, Nxtbook Media CEO, Michael Biggerstaff, stated, “I believe that it truly makes sense to give choice to employees so they have the power to make the difference in their individual roles. They are the experts in our products, customer service, human resources, sales, accounting, finance, and marketing. They know better than anyone how to build a refined process that creates results.”

WorldBlu’s research seems to support Mr. Biggerstaff’s assumptions, as democratic workplaces don’t just make for happier employees – they have healthier bottom lines as well. WorldBlu-certified companies averaged 103% revenue growth compared to only 15% among S&P 500 companies.

“We’ve been through some transition because the publishers that we have been serving have been in transition. I believe the way we set up our teams to function though, by emphasizing democratic principles in the workplace, have made us more resilient than others in the digital publishing industry.” states Michael Biggerstaff. I’m confident that our path forward is bright because of the autonomy and culture that we establish here at Nxtbook.”

Looking at those who have garnered the award, it would be difficult to disagree.

To read more about this year’s Freedom-Centered Cultures awards and to see the full list of winners you can visit https://www.worldblu.com/certified. Also to find out more about Nxtbook Media, you can go to https://www.nxtbookmedia.com.

Below you’ll see a video of the winners!

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