Nxtbook Media Has Moved

July 9, 2014

Believe it or not, it has finally happened: Nxtbook Media has moved. It’s true! The digital magazines projects were still delivered to clients, the hosted sites and publications remained live, the phones were being answered and conferences were still held, but the past few weeks have been a blur of moving details. Materials had to be packed up, office furniture labeled for their new location, cubicles were torn down and rebuilt in the new space, and new features, like the hang glider and gym lockers, needed to be added.
Even today construction specialists are putting in some final touches: an extra bar of lights for the video production room, another outlet in the state of the art server room, or an extra layer of paint on the support beams of the custom-built mezzanine area.
But it is official: Nxtbook Media has moved. Our new location for the corporate office is 480 New Holland Avenue, Suite 7101, Lancaster, PA 17602.
In this new space, we have the advantage of all being in the same space. In our old offices, several departments were split by two floors in one building, and another department or two was housed in a separate building across the parking lot. We simply outgrew our original area. In our new location, the company is united in a single area. We even built a mezzanine – a sort of half step between our ground-floor space and the second floor – for additional space.
With everyone occupying the same space, collaborating on projects has become uncomplicated. Rather than needing to walk across the parking lot to a separate building – which seemed a Herculean task in January – holding a pow-wow to discuss a project is as easy as walking to another desk in the same room. Because we as a culture believe face-to-face communication outperforms sending an email, making this process effortless received cheers all around!
We’ve also been able to give some of our media production rooms an upgrade to increase the ease of producing quality audio, live video, and motion graphics pieces. The mezzanine is home to the tech world’s latest popular devices, where developers and production members can flip through our clients’ materials to see how content appears on each screen size. Of course, some of the standbys, like being able to view nxtbook magazines being read around the world via the monitor in our front lobby will likely stay the same.
While there are still final touches to be added, professional photos have yet to be taken. But in the interest in providing a snapshot of the new space, please take a look at these photos of our new home! 480 New Holland Avenue, Suite 7101, Lancaster, PA 17602
natural light and cubicle shape
The new space plays up the natural light from large windows, and it still features cubicles that defy the typical “ice cube tray” layout.
home Todd has made his space “home” within hours of moving in.
Terri stand Terri opted for a desk that allowed her to stand for the majority of the day.
Sarah sit Sarah works the double-monitor to double visibility.
mezzanine The mezzanine allows everyone to be within a stone’s throw of each other for added collaboration.
committed to healthThe commitment to health, re-energizing and refueling wasn’t left with the old building.
art on the wallsOur commitment to the community hasn’t shifted either. The community artwork (from the Hands Across Lancaster event) is one of the first pieces to be mounted to the wall.


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