Turning a Brochure Into a Lead Gen Tool

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Written by Matt Berringer

November 24, 2021

In the right hands, brochures are dynamic marketing tools full of responsive and compelling content. Custom brochures can engage users while maintaining flexibility, deliver real-time information while improving the user experience, and increase reach while reducing costs.

Savvy marketers also know that a well-designed brochure can be a commanding lead generation device. Convince your prospects you have the solution they need by generating excitement with interactive elements. Show them you’re trustworthy and make them an offer they don’t want to refuse. With these four techniques, you can design lead-generating brochures that convert.

1. Create Desire Through Your Experience

For a lead to become a customer, they should feel like your product will benefit them. The best way to entice them into buying is to convince them what you’re offering is worthwhile.

Show your customers what’s in it for them and focus on the benefits. For example, a shoe retailer might describe their high heels as being as comfortable as tennis shoes. The implication is the customer will feel more relaxed since the retailer solved the issue of uncomfortable shoes.

2. Make the Experience Interactive

Users expect media-rich content with elements like photos, videos and interactive infographics. One interactive way to maximize your contact information potential is to design your brochure with lead gen forms. These form templates are easy to incorporate into video components or embed on a website. They’re also useful for gating content in a subtle way.

3. Build Trust in Your Brand

Interactive brochures are the ideal place to tout your business’s practical knowledge and highlight customer testimonials. Doing so demonstrates you are a serious and legitimate company with the experience to deliver what the prospect wants.

Brochures are a reliable method for nurturing a more emotional connection with your lead. Many businesses include information on their mission, values and community support. For example, organizations highlight green initiatives, sustainability practices or charitable work. Featuring these behaviors creates a sense of shared moral standards with leads that can positively influence their purchasing decisions.

4. Make an Offer to the User

Once you’ve primed your prospect with rich media, credibility and desire, it’s time to get them into the funnel. If they haven’t yet provided that all-important contact information, offering up something of value entices them to proceed.

For B2C businesses, this could be a discount coupon, an e-book or a personalized template that helps them accomplish a task.

For B2B brochures, offering a white paper or case study is effective. Business purchasers conduct more research before buying, and these in-depth content types provide the additional information a business prospect needs for decision-making.

Use Dynamic and Responsive Brochure Designs to Boost Your Lead Generation

Our industry experts draw on more than three decades of experience to grow businesses around the country. Nxtbook Media’s digital publishing applications provide powerful solutions for your interactive brochure creation needs. Instantly engage prospects with compelling content you design with our tools and produce more qualified leads.

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