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August 14, 2020

For many companies, downloads are a key performance indicator. Downloadable digital content is a way to provide clients or prospects with valuable information and to further engage them with your brand.

This content marketing strategy can be used to offer valuable resources behind a gate so that companies can capture crucial lead data via forms. However, static PDFs, which many companies turn to for content marketing, are not ideal for search traffic. This outdated technology limits a company’s ability to engage the customer throughout their full journey. This is why forward-thinking companies turn to online digital publishing platforms to transform that static content into responsive, accessible content to delight their prospects.

At Nxtbook Media, digital publishing platforms like nxtbook4 and PageRaft allow digital content and publication creators to embed interactive elements and rich content to help tell a brand’s story or share critical information with your prospects.

Our platforms can help you track clicks, downloads, time on page, bounce rates, and more.  Measuring data within your digital content helps you to optimize your marketing strategy and learn more about your audience’s likes and dislikes.

With our ability to track on-page analytics by transforming your PDFs and digital magazines, we can help you deliver premium user experiences that increase reader engagement and attract the attention of new customers.

Benefits of Tracking Readers & Users

There are several benefits of tracking readers, prospects, and users when they engage with your digital content, such as:

Understanding Users

Tracking data can help you understand user engagement. Measuring data allows you to see why some users behave one way versus another and analyze how trends change over time. It allows you to segment your audiences and remarket in more effective ways, engaging the readers and clients most likely to convert into customers. Understanding users is what helps you make smart marketing and product decisions. With data tracking, you can improve processes, understand performance and solve problems. Businesses can harness data tracking to make decisions about:

Identifying High-Performing Content

For any content marketer or business looking to engage more users analyzing and monitoring the performance of individual pieces of content on a regular basis is imperative. Analytics for PDFs and other digital publications likely don’t provide you the level of details you need, which would help you identify high-performing content and weed out material that does not resonate with your audience. You likely only have basic metrics, like downloads.

Measuring data on your digital content, such as magazines, eBooks, reports and more enables you to improve content over time based on what works. Identifying high-performing content provides up-to-date information on the following:

Effective Long-Term Planning

Tracking your digital content allows you to develop a long-term strategy for your brand.  Gathering metrics for your assets is crucial to helping you:

How Do I Track My Digital Content?

At Nxtbook Media, we believe tracking should be straightforward. Your current PDF assets may be based on old technology, but don’t worry you can still transform the content by publishing it in platforms such as nxtbook4 and PageRaft. These platforms allow you to have much deeper insight into which content people engage with and for how long.

Using Our Digital Publishing Platform

When you choose digital publishing platforms from Nxtbook Media, you’ll be able to measure data more in line with what you might see in Google Analytics compared to the outdated technology of PDFs. Whether transforming textbooks, magazines or other digital content, Nxtbook’s platform offers more detailed analytics.

We offer the following platforms:

nxtbook4: As the most customizable and interactive platform on the market, nxtbook4 delivers an interactive, engaging experience while matching your PDF’s look and feel. Customize elements such as slideshows, animations, digital-only advertising, video embedding, podcast embedding, web windows, advanced page rendering and more.

PageRaft: PageRaft helps you build exceptional digital content experiences for your audiences across devices. With this automatically readable platform, you’ll be able to customize your brand, engage visitors for close to 7 minutes per visit and scroll left to right between various articles and vertically within each article.

Automated Push Reports

Nxtbook Media offers digital products with in-depth tracking. With automated push reports, you’ll receive analytics about content performance. Automated push reports help you:

Regularly Timed Analytics Reports

Regularly timed analytics reports from Nxtbook Media’s digital publishing platforms allow you to monitor activity on your digital content. These reports provide insight into how users are reacting to your content and marketing campaigns. You can use regularly timed analytics reports to gauge the reaction of your audience to a new piece of published content or an email campaign. This feature is an excellent way to measure timely marketing initiatives.

Schedule a Demo Today

Whether it’s brochures, e-books, magazines, textbooks, brochures, catalogs or reports, Nxtbook Media has the tools you need to get started. We love helping content creators impress customers with our digital publishing platforms. To learn more about how nxtbook4 and PageRaft  transform your digital content, feel free to schedule a demo with one of our Partnership Specialists today.

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