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Norwegian Uses Nxtbook to Connect Stakeholders to Their Multi-Platform Content

Brands large and small understand the importance of providing a meaningful digital experience – from a well-designed website to attention-grabbing content like videos and podcasts. But with an ever-growing amount of digital platforms – websites, publications, and social media to name only a few – how can brands create a beautiful digital experience and integrate their content across multiple, seemingly disparate, platforms?

Norwegian Cruise Line is among the top luxury lines worldwide and they’ve spent over 50 years offering their passengers cruises around the globe. Norwegian understands the importance of providing the best possible experience from start to finish – that’s why they’ve partnered with our team.

At Nxtbook, we have crafted digital content platforms that empower both brands and publishers to integrate websites, images, videos, and more into their publications to create deeply engaging digital experiences.

Utilizing nxtbook4, Norwegian provides smooth, user-friendly digital brochures and itineraries that include video and slideshow content, while also driving traffic directly to their website. In the video below, you can see how Norwegian integrates their website within one of their digital brochures, and in turn drive the purchase of vacation packages.

Norwegian uses nxtbook4 for more than their customer-facing material. The platform also allows Norwegian to craft captivating, digitally enhanced stewardship reports to highlight their environmental initiatives. These reports go out both internally and externally, showing the value of the brand to all who are in touch with it.

Below is a short video highlighting interactive features in Norwegian’s 2017 report.

You can see how, through nxtbook4, Norwegian transformed their stewardship report into a curated digital experience seamlessly integrating video, slideshows, and animations. Norwegian knows with attention spans at an all-time low that it is necessary to have a curated experience to keep readers engaged, in turn catching the entire story you want to tell.

As an added benefit, Norwegian is able to cut costs on print using nxtbook4, and, hence demonstrate their passion for sustainable business practices by reducing waste. Because this initiative makes sense for the brand, Norwegian plans on doubling down on its digital experience.

For instance, in the coming year, Norwegian plans to roll out an enterprise app available to travel agents offering Norwegian Cruise Line packages. The app will integrate with all of their nxtbook4 publications, allowing travel agents quick, easy access to the most up-to-date promotional materials via mobile devices. It’s an approach that builds on Norwegian’s environmental initiatives and their commitment to providing only the best experience.

In today’s digital age, horizontal integration across all of your platforms is a necessity. A website, or social media for that matter, are underutilized if they aren’t promoting cross-traffic. The same is true for publications.

Print publications have the disadvantage of being “offline” – disconnected from digital platforms and online storefronts. Digitizing print is an available and obvious option, but is simply converting your print to a PDF enough? Brands like Norwegian don’t think so.

Norwegian has used Nxtbook Media’s digital content solutions to publish engaging content and create a free-flowing experience that allows readers to move easily across Norwegian’s platforms.

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