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CSG Creative Helps Brands Deliver Deep Digital Engagement with Nxtbook

The Problem

It’s no secret that today’s brands must have a digital presence. Brands also know they have to do more than simply offer digital content. They need to create meaningful experiences. They need to stand out.

The problem is there’s an almost overwhelming amount of content. It’s becoming harder to capture and hold customers’ attention. This is why marketing agencies value the platforms we’ve built, which engage audiences for over 7 minutes on average.

Speaking to a specific example, CSG Creative is a strategic marketing and creative agency. They work with clients including associations, trade show organizers, corporations, and event promoters. Both CSG and their clients are aware that their digital publications need a level of sophistication beyond the standard PDF. Hence, CSG partnered with us.

The Solution

Both CSG and their clients are aware that they need to meet their readers’ needs within the digital age. Therefore, they use our nxtbook4 platform to deliver a content experience that keeps the integrity of their original designs but exceeds the capabilities of simpler, lackluster options like PDF.

nxtbook4 is a robust replica platform. It allows publications to embed rich content and interactive elements. CSG believes it’s an excellent tool to help tell a brand’s story and sell advertising spots for their clients. Yet it’s our PageRaft platform that, according to CSG, “takes things to a new level.”

PageRaft is our mobile-focused platform. It’s both responsive and fast – perfect for reading via smartphones or tablets. PageRaft goes beyond just text on a page, offering unique visual capabilities and digitally focused designs. In essence, it reflows your content to create a definitive branded experience.

Regarding PageRaft, CSG’s Director of Digital and Account Strategy believes, “you always want to be moving forward while making sure it’s the right fit for each brand.”

CSG’s efforts to move brands forward have paid off. Their clients have seen increased customer engagement on mobile devices, as well as desktop. After switching to PageRaft, they’ve even seen clients’ publications reach up to a 19 percent increase in opens.

Below is an IAAPA- The Global Association for the Attractions Industry piece in PageRaft. It’s a great example of how CSG uses the platform’s capabilities to create an engaging experience that also fits with the IAAPA brand.

Snappy, responsive, and filled with engaging content – pieces like this show how powerful our platforms are for agencies. Today’s digital landscape requires content beyond the standard, the boring, and the unresponsive. Platforms like PageRaft help marketers transform their clients’ publications into engaging mobile-friendly experiences that not only grab attention but hold on to it.

We love to help all kinds of content creators wow clients and customers with our digital content solutions. To learn how nxtbook4 and PageRaft can benefit your organization, click below to reach out to one of our partnership specialists for a demo.

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