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Garmin Drives Purchase Behavior Through Our Nxtbook Platform

Garmin came to Nxtbook Media looking for a way to drive purchases for each of their product lines in a way that set them apart from the competition. Moreover, they were aiming to give their readers similar information to what was on their website, but in a more condensed manner, while at the same time interweaving the story and purpose of each product line.

One such line, the popular Forerunner and fenix series, was showcased through a digitally-optimized, interactive digital booklet, also known as a Design for Digital (D4D) nxtbook piece. Through these projects, copy is enlarged where requested. Animations, slideshows, scrollable text, and videos are embedded to enhance the reader experience.

Additionally, there is the ability to work with our incredible design team to make an experience that fits your team and reader’s needs. Some of our clients even go as far as to create a D4D experience instead of a microsite due to the creative collaboration, as well as the speed of completion and cost savings, in comparison to a website. For the Forerunner/fenix booklet, you can see a simulated customer journey by clicking on the video below.

As you will see, this booklet tells the story of these products being a fit for all types of runners. Videos were interweaved throughout the publication to inspire the potential consumer, as well as tight graphics which allowed for easy comparison of the suggested tracking levels for three categories of runner: Teammate, Mentor, and Expert. Further exploration of the wearable technology is available through the simple click to zoom feature in the book. On top of this, the slideshow feature is implemented in certain areas so readouts of the wearable technology can be easily visualized.

All in all, this piece produced outstanding results with over 3 minutes of engagement per reader and close to 11 page views per visit (for an 11 page piece). Additionally, 7% of opens lead to a click through. Interestingly for some of the other Garmin D4D booklets, we have seen close to 50% click-through rates.

Taking this all into account, this shows the power of a digitally-optimized, curated experience to keep readers engaged. On social media and websites, you grab attention in bits and pieces. Curated experiences keep the reader attached and usually lead to higher click-through rates than both those mediums.

If you would like to find out about how we can transform your content either from print or a website to a Design for Digital piece, feel free to request a demo with our team by going to our Get Started Page.

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