There’s a Science to Office Design

June 17, 2014

If you’ve ever toured the Nxtbook Media offices (and you should) you might notice a lot of eccentricities around the office: the cubicles avoid the ice cube tray look and feel, the space plays up natural light, and each cubicle has its own interior decorator. While outsiders might look at that and think it’s a nice benefit, we look at it and say, “No, that’s science.”
This week, Lancaster Online newspaper covered the benefits of a stylized work place in their article, “21 tips: How to make your work space reflect you.” The article talked about workers who had green plants in their cubicles were more productive and rounded furniture and cozy lighting can help spur creativity. While these are real and in practice at Nxtbook, there’s also more to it. Having cubicle walls that avoid 90 degree angles, for instance, helps everyone feel a little less like they’re in a box, and more like they’re in a personal space. Windows cut into the cubicle walls not only let the natural light from windows to permeate throughout the office, but it also creates a feeling of open collaboration: at any point a coworker might peek through to see if you’re available for a chat or question.
But again, this isn’t just a nice benefit. It’s science. Nxtbook Media fosters a sense of personality and belonging it’s not only a nice environment, it promotes employee engagement with their work. As printed in an article from last month titled, “4 Ways to Encourage Employee Engagement“:
“According to this worldwide Gallup poll, only 13% of workers are engaged with their work. That means the majority of the workforce is not emotionally connected to their jobs and aren’t looking for ways to make your business more successful. While that might seem like par for the course, it’s actually a pretty big deal. As noted by FastCompany’s analysis of the study, ‘Numerous studies have shown that engaged workers display greater initiative, approach work more passionately and creatively–essentially do all they can for their organizations. Gallup’s report specifically states that engagement drives greater productivity, lower turnover, and a better quality of work.” Employee engagement directly affects your company’s earnings ability and growth potential.'”
As you may know, Nxtbook Media is changing spaces over the course of the next week, moving its offices to a larger space. While we will soon be extending the invitation for everyone to visit, you can rest assured the new space will feature the same commitment to personality, comfort, and creativity. Because it’s not just a nice benefit: it’s science.
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