The 5 Best Websites to Find Quality Content Writers

Matt Clement

Written by Matt Clement

August 8, 2019

According to SEO Tribunal, companies who blog see 97% more links to their website on average. With over 409 million consumers viewing over 22.2 billion of these blog posts per month, the evidence that blogging is beneficial by attracting customers to businesses is extensive. However, quality blog content that’s optimized for search results can be challenging to create.

Additionally, for publishers, time is of the essence especially as budgets and staff are crunched. Thus the ability to create enough content and maintain a high degree of quality has become increasingly difficult.

For all these reasons, we’ve broken down the five best sites to find quality content writers for hire, online.

1. Contently

Boasting an average quality rating of 4.85/5, Contently is the hub of content marketing solutions. One of their most prominent solutions is their content writing service. Through Contently, users receive personalized freelance hiring suggestions based on their one-of-a-kind talent matching algorithm. Their software also allows businesses to interact with their writers by requesting content ideas, utilizing in-platform communication, and built-in payment.

2. Content Writers

Content Writers offers a variety of writing services, including product descriptions, social media posts, email newsletters, blog posts, press releases, web articles, and white papers. Their prices are based on if the consumer would like five-day business delivery or three-day delivery, with length and type of content also playing a role in cost. also try to differentiate themselves from other services by offering complimentary topic pitching, editing and proofreading services, and revision requests.

3. Writer Access

Writer Access is a single service business aiming to provide freelance writers to companies of all sizes. With four different monthly plans ranging from $39 to $349 per month, users have unlimited access to copywriters, editors, elite writers, legal writers, and more. The best part? If you don’t end up liking their services they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Users will also receive a free 14-day trial and utilization of their “StyleMetrics Matcher.”

4. Media Shower

With the slogan, “Better content builds better blockchains,” Media Shower provides users with a monthly subscription plan to their services, ranging from $500 a month to $5,000 a month. An extra bonus– new clients will receive a thoroughly researched Target Market Guide, their own set of “Golden Keywords,” and a custom-built Blockchain Marketing Model.

5. Scripted

Scripted offers freelance writers for businesses, agencies, and enterprises of all kinds. Prices vary based on the type/length of the content being requested but range from $2 tweets and posts to $98 long-form blog posts. They also offer a satisfaction guaranteed promise where clients only have to pay for writing they love or nothing at all.

Although creating high-quality content is important, you also need to capture your audience’s attention. The problem is they are often short on not only attention but time as well. That’s why we’ve crafted digital content experience software, like our PageRaft platform that helps brands engage viewers for over 7 minutes on average with their content.

We’re always excited to help brands and publishers deepen engagement. To learn more about our platforms, feel free to schedule a personalized, no strings attached demo at

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