Responsive Content from a PDF? Yes, Please! Article View is Here for nxtbook

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Written by Matt Berringer

February 18, 2021

It’s no secret that mobile users are an increasingly larger slice of web traffic. In fact, according to, since 2015 the percentage of mobile traffic on the web has increased from 33 percent to just over 51 percent in the second quarter of 2020.

Mobile users are important. They have specific needs and they have a million other things they can be doing with their devices (most of which involve cats). In the attention economy, it’s vitally important to make sure your content meets the needs and expectations of your audience.

Many customers design their content for print. They already have PDF files beautifully designed and want to replicate that design digitally. nxtbook helps transform those PDFs into interactive and engaging online publications. And today, we’re excited to help our customers tackle one of the most challenging aspects of converting PDFs to digital publications; figuring out how to keep those documents beautiful while also accounting for the many different devices on which they are viewed.

That’s why we’re very excited to announce that we’ve released a powerful new feature for nxtbook. It’s called Article View and it makes reading and engaging with content on a mobile device a lot easier for your audience. Article View makes it possible to create responsive content using a PDF as your starting point. Check it out!

We’ve got two more quick updates this month as well.

Promotion Tab

One of the biggest challenges of digital publishing is getting people to read it. With so much competition for your audience’s attention, it can be tough to break through the noise. That’s why we’ve rolled out the Promotion tab in the nxtbook4.4 cms. From here you can access tools to help you share your content. Stay tuned, we have a few more exciting features coming soon!


Do you have a lot of great photos for an article but not enough space to lay them all out? One of the benefits of digital publishing is that you can enhance your publication beyond what you can do in print editions. The new Slideshow feature in nxtbook4.4 allows you to build slideshows from multiple images and use them across all of your projects.

If you’re not currently a Nxtbook Media partner but would like to learn more about Article View, the Promotion tab, Slideshows, nxtbook or our other solutions, please contact us today!


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