Next Week, We Bring You Something Completely New

If you’re subscribed to our blog, you’ve gotten used to our regularly scheduled email newsletter, compiling all of the last week’s article into one neat package of an email.
This week’s email is the last. For a while.
We’ll still be posting articles every week, providing the same quality content you’ve come to expect from us. But now, we’ll be providing it in a new package, completely built in responsive design.
We’ll still be delivering the newsletter directly to your inbox: all you’ll need to do is click to view. By providing the new look in responsive design, we’re making it easier for readers everywhere to view our content on any device, and not have to squint to read the text. We’ll also be sending the content on a bi-weekly schedule so you get more content delivered directly to your inbox each time.
Check your email next week to see the new changes we’ve added, and let us know what you think!

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