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Telling Your Story With The Right Channel

Not every business can boast of a story rich in history and the American Dream, but once in a while, you come across a journey which connects past with present, and faraway countries with our own national pride.
Such is the case with Mazza Vineyards, whose story starts on a 40-acre plot of land in Calabria, Italy and replants on a vineyard in Lake Erie regions, growing to include multiple wineries. From immigrant to established business, the Mazza family is proud of their history, and they needed a way to tell that story to anyone who discovered them.
If you go to their website today, you’ll see their e-book promoted. Through this digital brochure Mazza Vineyards forges a bond with their audience by showing on page after beautiful page their past and their current vineyard operations. The brochure is optimized so no matter if readers find the site on their smart phone, iPad or home computer, the images will be clear and impactful. This artful showing of the wineries’ growth invites the reader to share in the success by participating in a tour or partnering with the Mazza team to bring their own creations to life.
If you have a solid story behind your brand, it’s important to present it in the best possible light. Great stories have been brought down by bad storytelling, or made all the more compelling with an impressive expression. Give your story the best channel with digital-first design and distribution like the beautiful Mazza Vineyards brochure.

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