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January 10, 2022

A well-planned content calendar can make all the difference when it comes to engaging an audience. Creating a content calendar allows you to prepare and track upcoming content output such as creation, publishing dates and follow-up. No matter the content you create, whether it’s a blog, social media or editorials, a content calendar keeps you on track and allows you to plan the content you deliver strategically. Learn more about ways to increase the success of your content with this helpful content calendar guide. From strategic publishing to keeping your content team on the same page, here are some of the best content calendar tips.

Content Calendar vs. Editorial Calendar

Content calendars are extremely helpful when it comes to tracking the content you create. However, they are not to be confused with editorial calendars. A content calendar tracks each individual piece of content and typically displays the current and upcoming content for the day or week.

Editorial calendars are a bit more complex. They generally show a monthly or even yearly overview of content plans. This overview allows you to control large content themes or plan things well in advance, whereas content calendars focus on the present and near future.

Benefits of Using a Content Calendar When Planning Your Marketing Strategy

Although content calendars may seem simplistic, they offer content creators a wide range of benefits that definitely make them worthwhile. Creating a content calendar greatly assists with:

Realizing Your Strategy

The goal for marketing content is ultimately to generate growth. A content calendar allows you to plan strategically and effectively as opposed to winging it and hoping for the best. It will provide you with an overview of your content, including recurring themes, areas that highlight your brand’s story and the best time to publish certain content. This tracking information helps perfect your strategy to get the results you want.

Aligning Your Sales Funnel

All your content should target the three phases of the consumer’s journey awareness, consideration and decision making. When you implement a content calendar, you can better align your sales funnel with the content you publish.

At the top of the funnel, your content should focus on new customers by making your content helpful, relatable and easy to share. The middle of the funnel is the time to post content that will foster trust in your brand. The bottom of the funnel is when the consumer decides whether to go with your brand. Your content should be product-specific and encouraging.

Creating a More Effective User Experience

Things can get boring for the audience when content frequently repeats itself. Keeping consumer engagement is crucial when it comes to successful marketing content. That is why a content calendar is so efficient. It lets you see similarities between topics and allows you to make changes and adaptations to maintain a positive user experience.

Prevents Wasteful Spending

Time is money, and when you are creating content, time is required, so it’s essential you consistently get the right content at the right time. A content calendar can help you reduce wasteful spending by decreasing the number of do-overs because you accidentally published the wrong content. A content calendar allows you to get the content and timing right the first time around.

Choosing Types of Content and Channels

Content and platforms vary, but content calendars help maintain and foster growth across all of them. Using a content calendar allows you to develop content for multiple channels, enabling you to reach a wider audience.

After choosing your topics, selecting the right format can make all the difference. A content calendar can help you find the best format for your content and improve engagement with your target audience. Some of the more popular types of content and channels include:

Using a content calendar will help you introduce content strategically onto the platforms that will provide the most significant benefits for your brand.

Guide to Creating a Content Calendar

Learn the best ways to use your content calendar for optimal results.

Choose the Types of Content That Will Meet Your Goals

Your brand has a purpose and a vision. It only makes sense that published content should align with them. Be sure all content you create and publish helps you reach your goals. Consistency is key when it comes to being successful.

Map Your Content to Your Calendar

A content calendar makes it easier to plan ahead. One of the best social media schedule tips is to stay organized so you can batch your work and avoid multitasking. Some platforms allow automated publishing, so you can create the content in advance and schedule it to be published at a specific date and time. Combining functions such as this with a content calendar means you can maintain a steady flow of content with limited issues.

Create Your Content and Publish

Create high-quality content that will engage the target audience. Standards for content are high, so sloppy or lazy content will likely not go over as well as well-developed content. Perfect your content and put it out there for the world to see.

Revisit Your Calendar Regularly

Take time to review your content calendar routinely. Note what content and platforms work the best and which do not. This analysis will allow you to make improvements when necessary and ensure your content does not become stale in general. Remember, maintaining interest is key, so adjust as needed.

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