How to Increase Engagement for Your Publication Through Design

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Written by Matt Berringer

July 19, 2022

If your business aims to increase audience engagement, start by closely examining your publication and its design. Some elements, like hard-to-read fonts or cluttered layouts, can drive your audience away. Other choices, like consistent branding and well-organized content, encourage users to explore more of your content.  Implement the following design best practices from Nxtbook Media for digital publishing to help boost engagement.

Organize Visual Content for Maximum Impact

No matter how well-produced your content, audiences won’t engage if it’s too difficult to scan or interpret. Organize content to guide and direct your audience with key points and focal areas, so users can quickly scan for the piece’s objective.

Consider these tips:

Don’t assume your audience knows what steps you want them to take next — include a visual call to action relevant to the rest of the page’s content. Keep the visual part simple, like a clickable button, and save any specific instructions for the copy.

Create a Story Through Your Images and Content

The key to consistent digital publishing engagement is approaching content creation with a “waterfall” mindset. Choose topics and subjects you can continually explore and evolve with different media types. Once you’ve identified a primary topic, consider ways to pull new information from that idea. Combine articles, infographics, videos, interviews and social media posts to fuel different parts of the conversation and give your audience multiple ways to interact with content.

The waterfall method is great for bringing your audience along for the journey, but it’s only effective if you approach it intentionally.

1. Create a Hierarchy

Emphasize your most important points first to boost retainment and engagement. Consider your content’s objective — is it to educate, inform, encourage a sale or entertain?

Once you identify your content’s purpose and how you want your audience to engage, curate visual and written media in a story hierarchy guiding them through that journey.

2. Use Images Thoughtfully

When used correctly, images can illustrate a point, showcase examples or present information in a new format for visual learners.

Follow these guidelines:

3. Optimize Written Content for Engagement

Written content is often where your audience will spend time engaging with you. Get more engagement with these tips:

4. Use Mixed Media to Tell a Better Story

The more media types you incorporate in your publication, the more options your audience has for engagement. Examples of mixed media include:

Stay Accessible

Accessibility is essential for retaining and engaging with your audience. Approach each piece of content with balance in mind, incorporating a combination of visual and audible design elements. Don’t limit your key points to a single media type.

Other accessibility considerations include:

Ensure every part of your publication is easy to consume, engage with and share with others by including social links, contact forms and comment boxes. You can also ask audiences to engage with your content or submit feedback about how your publication could improve the user experience.

Get Responsive With Help From Nxtbook Media

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