4 Ways to Encourage Employee Engagement

Employee engagement directly affects your company’s earnings ability and growth potential. The sad reality of many American jobs is that...

Being An Integral Part of Our Community’s Success

Our mission statement here at Nxtbook Media is “Exist to Inspire”.  In more intricate terms, this means “We exist...

Build Leaders Worth Following – Our Thoughts On Leadercast

Every year, over 100,000 leaders from around the world gather for a full day of inspiring and thought-provoking speakers...

How To Thrive

There’s plenty of talk in our society about health and wellness. As the years float by I’m becoming keenly...

Behind-The-Scenes of Trike Racing with Jeremy

Welcome back to The Nxt! *Note: After this video was shot, the United Way decided not to host an...

Marketing or Sales: Who Ranks?

There’s an old adage, you can’t effectively lead or manage what you can’t, won’t or don’t define. When the...

Welcome To The Nxt

At Nxtbook Media, we have a mission statement and a list of our core values, but our unofficial motto...

Why Valuing Creativity is Vital to Every Business

The word “creativity” is so overused in marketing and website content, it has become a “non-word,” or a word...


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