Accessibility Options for nxtbook Have Arrived

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Written by Matt Berringer

January 17, 2022

Content that is accessible can help people with or without disabilities engage more actively with your message and brand. If accessibility is an important aspect for your organization and your content development, we’ve got great news.

This week we released new accessibility features for nxtbook. Whether your content is legally required to have accessibility options or you just want to make your content as accessible as possible, these options are ready to help.

By default, several accessibility features (including keyboard operability) are now enabled on the nxtbook platform. These features allow your readers to interact more easily with the interface, and to better understand the options available to them.

What’s included

In addition to the standard keyboard operable interface, we’ve included several new options to help make your content more accessible.

These options include:

The great thing about accessibility features is that they can offer improved options and experience to all readers. When interfaces and content are made more accessible, all readers benefit. This is why we strive to offer a single experience that makes it as easy as possible for everyone to discover the reading options most comfortable for them.

Best of both worlds?

With the new release, companies can create a pixel perfect replica of their content alongside a more accessible, responsive version, allowing everyone to engage with the content on their own terms.

Questions about accessibility?

We’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more.

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