Making a Good First Impression for Your Digital Edition

April 30, 2014

When publishers consider what it means to engage their readers, typically they’re talking about using rich media, video, animations, polls and enrichment while in the magazine.
But what about before the reader even gets into the magazine? What are you doing at zero hour – the moment a reader is deciding whether to open your magazine or flip to the next email/link – to make your magazine inviting and engaging?
Mary Ann Liebert Publishers, Inc. discovered the importance of their first impression with readers. When someone downloads their digital publication, Big Data, they receive a well designed, helpful email template supplying the link to the digital edition. The call to action is clear: readers can easily access the publication by clicking the graphic or linked elements in the email. However, the publisher also takes advantage of having the reader’s attention by providing multiple ways to further engage with the brand. There’s a link to a video from the editor-in-chief, a way to sign up for TOC alerts, and social media call-outs.
Create your own strategic email template to take advantage of this critical touchpoint with your readers. Be sure to include images of the publication, copy that makes readers want to open your digital edition, and ways to further connect with the brand.


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