Creating a Great Fan Experience in 2022

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February 7, 2022

Walt Disney started the trend of pixie dust and magical immersive experiences in the 1950s with the construction of Disneyland. Today, you don’t need a theme park to create immersive fan experience technology for your fanbase.

We all know super fans who can’t get enough of their favorite sports team. At one time, the fan experience began and ended with in-person games. Now, digital marketers can build an entire experience around a sports team to build brand loyalty.

This guide to creating fan experiences will explore why the experience is so important and how you can take actionable steps to hit a home run with your fans through digital interactivity.

Why Is the Fan Experience So Important?

Creative fan experience ideas keep your target audience engaged on your channels, whether they’re in the stadium or at home. The Walt Disney Company advertises its parks as creating memories. An excellent fan experience makes it almost impossible to walk away from a game and forget about the good time. Active engagement helps the customer develop brand loyalty.

The digital fan experience is flexible because it’s impactful at the stadium and at home. At the stadium, the experience sets the bar for whether the fan will return. At home, digital experiences transform the fan from simply watching the game to interacting with your brand and providing leads for merchandise purchases, visits to the in-person stadium, and much more.

How Do I Increase My Fan Interaction?

Fans are increasingly turning to digital platforms for their streaming content. In fact, 45.7% of sports fans use smartphones, and 31.5% use tablets to access their sports content, at least occasionally. When consuming content, 54% of ebook purchasers read on their smartphones, and 41% of readers choose a tablet.

The intersection of sports fans on mobile devices and the increasing number of users who read on these devices clearly shows that readable digital content can be a popular experience. The right fan experience ideas can transform the way customers engage with your sports team.

These two main types of readable digital experiences can boost your fan interaction:

Use Interactive and Responsive Guidebook Designs to Revolutionize Your Fan Experience

At one time, pro sports were pastimes where fans just observed the teams. Now, digital marketing can transform the entire fan experience to become interactive with responsive guidebook designs far beyond the capabilities of a traditional PDF file.

Nxtbook Media has two digital publishing solutions you can use for your interactive sports guidebook. Our nxtbook software is a state-of-the-art flipbook solution for user experience. The PageRaft platform also allows content marketers to create a breakthrough digital-first fan experience.

Ready to experience the nxtbook and PageRaft experience hands-on? Get your head in the game and score a free demo online today to find out more.

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