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Worldwide there has been a move to make sure people with disabilities have equal access to content.

Check out the Accessible features that are available in our PageRaft platform below. nxtbook also offers many of the same features. We can help you decide which platform is best for your goals.

Alt Text for Images

Perhaps the most fundamental piece for building accessible content.

Our PageRaft interface makes it simple to input descriptions for graphics and photos.

PageRaft on a laptop showing alt text for an image
Descriptive text shows up on a PageRaft page shown on a laptop

Descriptive Text for Hyperlinks

Allow readers to understand exactly where they are heading if they follow a link, and why.

PageRaft allows links to be embedded into the text, so readers don’t need to see a URL, they simply click.

Provide Transcripts

Embed YouTube or Vimeo videos, but you don’t have to rely strictly on their captions and transcripts.

PageRaft has the capacity to include entire transcripts of video or audio pieces. Just paste in the text, and even link directly to it!

Video transcripts in PageRaft shown on a laptop
Reference links in Page Raft displayed on a laptop

Reference Links

Link to relevant references, even if they must be included far apart from the main content.

PageRaft makes it easy to set a reference link and jump straight to it.

Keyboard Operable

Easily navigate and interact with the content using only the keyboard.

Use Tab to move through the various buttons, and use the Enter (Return) key to trigger actions. In some cases the interface offers options that can be toggled using the Space Bar or Arrows.

an accessible nxtbook publication shown on a laptop

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Renew Magazine
Vassar Quarterly

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