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Matt Guest

At Nxtbook, I’m responsible for coordinating the efforts of Nxtbook’s talented software development team, ensuring that each member’s unique abilities and insights make their way into our products. I also head up research and development on new concepts and ideas in digital publishing, so that Nxtbook can continue providing best in class products and services far into the future! Before joining the team at Nxtbook, I spent fifteen years honing my craft with many diverse teams in various industries as a software engineer, consultant, and freelance web developer and designer.

What inspires you?
Innovation in digital publishing. Connecting the dots and guiding small and seemingly disparate efforts and ideas into a much larger, smooth running machine.

What is your favorite quote?
Understanding is joyous. – Carl Sagan

What are you passionate about?
Finding possibility in the impossible, and kayak fishing.

What is your favorite Nxtbook Value and why?
Integrity. Integrity is at the core of my personal philosophy; the foundation on which all other values that guide my work and my life are built.

What are two things you can’t live without?
My family and a kayak

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