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Digital Solutions

You bring the content. We provide the distribution platform.

nxtbook Digital Editions

Digital Editions are not one size fits all. That’s why Nxtbook offers a bounty of options. Check out some of the ways publishers are putting their great content on the most advanced and adaptable digital publishing platforms.


Magazines & Journals

Cross-platform digital magazines & journals offer a deeper level of engagement with your readers. Interactive features, rich media, and digital only enhancements help your content thrive.

Digital Catalogs

Digital catalogs are great revenue-generating tools that can utilize eCommerce features to drive more sales. We offer built in shopping cart functionality or great options for linking your digital catalog to online stores.


Turn your marketing brochures & company collateral into an interactive experience that includes digital only enhancements that keep your audience entertained and engaged. Distribute materials faster and save on print costs with digital versions of your marketing collateral.

Textbooks & Manuals

Digital textbooks and manuals help you save on print costs and provide instant access to your content on multiple devices. Digital versions eliminate the need to reprint every time there is an update. Changes can be made once, and republished everywhere.


Personalization gives you the opportunity to create and present custom content options for your readers. Readers can choose which topics they’re interested in or you can specify which content is delivered by segmenting your audience. The result is a unique digital publication built for each reader out of your incredible content.

Get Creative

Use your imagination to publish unique and special digital content. We’ve seen everything from calendars to cookbooks, handbooks to holiday cards. What will you create?

Let your pages roam free in a responsive digital publication.

Meet PAGERAFT. The future of mobile-first responsive publications. PageRaft digital editions automatically adjust based on your reader’s device. This means that no matter what device they’re using, your content will be displayed in a beautiful, simple layout that creates an optimal reading experience. Our HTML responsive platform, PageRaft, helps you meet the demands of an ever increasing mobile world without the need to recreate different templates or layouts for different devices.



Create a hub for your digital content. Take the reading experience offline and develop a native app specific to your publication.

An app delivers immediate access to your content on mobile devices. Each app is branded with your icon, download information, and splash page. Set up in-app purchasing to help sell subscriptions and grow your readership.



Become a publishing partner for your clients.

Now, you can publish content digitally for your clients on the Nxtbook Platform. Nxtbook Partners enjoy access to the Nxtbook Publishing Platform System, marketing collateral, and a dedicated Account Executive. Adding digital solutions to your already existing list of services means you can help your clients reach new levels of success.



We'd love to know how we can help! Reach out and a member of our team will follow up to learn more about your digital publishing goals and help you find a solution that fits.