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As Always, It Depends

This week, I was editing an article about how to write good copy online. One of the lines suggested that good copy is “conversational” in tone. On the surface, this isn’t horrible advice. But it’s not always the best, either.
In actuality, the most important thing your brand needs is consistency. At each turn, prospects and customers are paying attention to how you portray yourself. If that portrayal aligns with what they feel about your brand, your image is reinforced. But if it isn’t, your brand is becoming confused in the minds of your customers, and confusion in this world of information deluge, is never a good thing.
So should your web copy be “conversational” in tone? If the style look and feel of your brand is inviting, then of course. But if people buy from you because you are a resolute, no nonsense firm, than likely not.
This brings to mind a related point. The more people you have generating content for your brand, the less likely the voice will be consistent. The words we say are often dwarfed by how they are said, and this comes across in the tone of our written word was well.
So the best advice for the tone of your web copy? Make sure it matches your brand, and make sure a limited number of hands are on the keyboard.

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