Adding Interest for Your Next Annual Report

September 24, 2014

Caring about people might come naturally for the busy nurses of UNC Health Care. But caring about annual reports might not. One can imagine a less than enthusiastic response to receiving a publication bearing the title “2014 Annual Report,” even from nurses who love their jobs and the companies they work for.

How Did UNC Health Care Create an Engaging Report?

However, the UNC Health Care is dedicated to providing cutting edge solutions to the many challenges nurses face, and the annual report was designed to lift up stories of successful solutions, of new processes implemented, and of achievements earned throughout the year. The information would be helpful, if the nurses were interested enough to read it. The trick was finding the content – and the content format – that would interest the nurses and encourage them to read.

It started with taking a look at the stories the Annual Report was telling. The editorial team was dedicated to finding the types of stories that not only fit with the goals of the report, but also was something other nurses would be interested in reading. And who better to tell those stories than the nurses themselves? Because the nurses were the ones living the challenges, the new processes, and the work-life stories, UNC Health Care team decided to capture the nurses telling their anecdotes through video. Whether describing an instance where a nursing theory worked, the process of implementing new goals, or detailing when the love of the medical field struck, the multimedia allows readers to connect with others on the UNC Health Care team as well as get inspired to create their own stories.

Great Content for Print and Digital

Once the content material was chosen, UNC Health Care looked to Nxtbook Media to create a branded design and layout that would feature the videos, but also translate into a print option. Nxtbook Media’s Strategic Services team composed a layout that utilized the full spread, filling it with the color and imagery that looks best on both print and digital. When viewed on a screen, each spread looks like a cohesive page. When binding is added, nothing is lost: each image and text box is placed so an inner crease can be added without losing any design integrity.
The final result is an Annual Report that tells meaningful stories, coming straight from the people who live it every day. The videos allow the UNC Health Care team to connect with other team members they might not have otherwise met, as well as learn from their experiences in an engaging, natural way. Meanwhile, the other Annual Report goals, such as highlighting new processes and achievements, are met as engaged readers continue to flip through the well-designed publication to see what will appear on the next page.

See the Report

Take a look at UNC Health Care’s 2014 Annual Report, and consider what you can be doing to bring engagement to your otherwise commonplace documents.


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