Software Alchemist

Nate Eagleson

At Nxtbook, I’m responsible for designing, implementing, testing, documenting, and maintaining software. By implication, I am responsible to care deeply for those who use our software.

Before joining the team at Nxtbook, I worked on software startups that never reached solvency, worked as a software dev in gigantic corporations, and did everything in between.

What inspires you?
J. S. Bach’s compositions (especially The Well-Tempered Clavier), the Gospel of John, the writings of J. R. R. Tolkien, sunsets, Ratatouille, Sigur Rós, my parents’ old Steinway, Ecclesiastes, The Incredibles, Ben Burtt’s sound design, Dorothy Sayers’ writing (especially the Peter Wimsey books and The Mind of the Maker), M83, my Nord Stage, Emacs, the Revelation of John, The Prydain Chronicles, stars, the Bourne film trilogy, downtime spent with my family (particularly singing or reading aloud together), the way Mike Burkholder wields his Fender Stratocaster, my Nord G2X, and the love of Jesus Christ.

What is your educational background?
I was homeschooled through high school, did my first two years of undergrad at HACC, and finished my BS in computer science at Penn State Harrisburg.

What makes you laugh?
The Emperor’s New Groove, unfailingly. The Princess Bride. My children. My wife. The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul. Unreadable code, when I manage to retain a sense of perspective. It just makes me cry if I lose that.

What is your favorite quote?
This is an incredibly difficult question. There are so many wonderful ones, and they’re all wonderful for different reasons.

So let’s go with “The peasant! At the diner! …he didn’t pay his check.”

What are you passionate about?
Sustainability and aesthetics. The two often find themselves in polar opposition, but I find it hard to let go of either one.

What is one random fact about yourself?
I once beat the original Halo on Legendary in a single sitting. It took about eight hours.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
The ability to selectively ignore momentum, because it could be used in interesting ways (if you knew you were being targeted, you could be virtually unshootable).

Or possibly nigh-invulnerability.

What is your favorite Nxtbook Value and why?
Excellence, because it’s something I care about a great deal.

What are two things you can’t live without?
Oxygen and water.

What is your greatest accomplishment?
I’d have to understand the entire universe in all respects to know which of the things I’ve done was the most valuable.

Any travel recommendations?
Ricketts Glen State Park has a lovely three-mile hike that’s jam-packed with waterfalls.

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