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Learn More: 866-268-1219 option 6

Learn More: 866-268-1219 option 6

Production Services

Sometimes things get busy or you need help in taking your content a step further in nxtbook4 or PageRaft. In these cases, our best in class support team can lend a hand!

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Production Help

When time is crunched, we can step in.

Work with our production team when you are lacking the resources or the staff to create in our software yourself. We’ll gather specifications, outline key steps in the process, and give you clear deadlines so you can stay on top of your projects.

Design Services: PageRaft

Reshape our responsive platform into a content experience masterpiece.

Our designers will work with your team one-on-one in order to create a responsive, curated piece that can wow your audiences. Whether it be custom headers, templates animation, backgrounds, or fonts, we’ll put together the pieces to make an amazing experience a reality.

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Nxtbook4 Example on multiple devices

Design Services: nxtbook4

Deepen interaction through an outstanding creative work.

Working with our design services team to develop a digitally optimized nxtbook4 piece delivers higher reader satisfaction, greater advertiser ROI, and more interaction than a standard replica digital edition. This platform provides a perfect fit for digital catalogs, collateral, and training material.

Let Us Build It From Scratch

Have content but want to make it awesome? We’ll create a curated piece from the ground up.

Do you have a few blog posts or website content you would like to weave into a story? Or even just a word document and some photos? Our highly experienced designers will work with you to map out a look and feel that meets your team’s needs.

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How do you work with our design team?

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Send us files and initial specs. We’ll start creating something amazing.

From packaged InDesign files all the way to word documents and images, we’ll take what you have and begin creating a piece based on initial specifications.

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Work with our incredible designers through one-to-one collaboration.

Here is the big difference from our normal process, you get to work on an iterative process with a designer to make sure we are delivering a piece that is on point.

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Let the world see what you have to offer in a whole new way.

Put your stand out digital piece on social media, your website, and email it out! This is an opportunity to raise your brand to new heights and wow your audiences.

Looking to go a little deeper?
Meet NXT Creative.

Concrete Ideas to Solidify Your Brand Strategy

We are strategic storytellers, providing clients clarity through research and collaboration, hence building the framework for on-point brand creative through video, design and content development.

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We'd love to know how we can help! Reach out and a member of our team will follow up to learn more about your digital publishing goals and help you find a solution that fits.

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