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Design:retail is the retail industry’s leading resource for tracking trends, products, and projects that are crafting tomorrow’s most innovative retail environments. From luxury and fashion brands to discount and dollar stores, the magazine focuses on design strategies, technology applications, in-store marketing, new product resources and global trends that collectively build engaging customer environments in the brick-and-mortar retail world.

With all this information to disseminate, it was obvious that design:retail needed to create a digital content hub that not only showcased their monthly publication but also demonstrated a full set of news and product resources for retail designers. On top of this, design:retail heavily relies on a set of high profile conferences to be a fundamental part of their business model. That said, the thought leadership, as well as resource provision, presented through their content push a brand identity, which leads to event attendance.

The Nxtapp was a perfect fit to demonstrate all that encompasses the design:retail brand. As you can see in the simulated app experience below, the reader is able to interact with all of design:retail’s offerings from products to events, news, projects, and galleries. Additionally, the reader is able to skim through years of resources through the Nxtapp’s one of a kind publication focused interface.

Due in part to their Nxtapp, design:retail was able to deliver a powerful audience to its key event last year, the design:retail Forum:

-Retailers in attendance represented more than 146,500 stores and more than $742 billion in global retail sales

-10 of the Top 20 and 21 of the Top 100 national retailers

-The design firms in attendance represented more than $517 million in retail design billings annually

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