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Who You Calling Geek?

Written by Nxtbook Media

So in last week’s FOLIO Digital Edition Supplement, there was an ad for Mag+, the new service for publishers seeking to create digital editions for the iPad only. Incidentally, that’s like having a car that can only ride the Autobahn, in my opinion, but I digress.

The copy reads, "For the first time in digital publishing, the power is back where it belongs: with the creatives. Mag+ wasn’t built by geek, but by designers and editors blah, blah, blah…"

When I complain about digital publishing companies, it’s usually when they falsely claim to have invented something that’s existed for years. Did you know that Nxtbook Media has a team of designers and editors that can help you optimize your content, not just for the iPad, but for the browser as well? Considering that’s where most of your readers are, that’s a pretty good thing. Not that the folks at Mag+ seem to be aware of it…