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Who Inspires Whom in Advertising

Written by Joy Beachy

It’s coming. The Super Bowl is just over a week away. For football fans, this means the culmination of a full season’s effort on the field. But those who don’t watch for the game, watch for the commercials!

It seems the Super Bowl is the time when new life is breathed into ads everywhere. Suddenly, thinking outside of the box isn’t only expected, it’s required by the viewers. Take Coke’s continuous ad last year, which had two animated polar bears reacting to the game and commercials in real time: a stunt which drew 9 million views and several awards.

The expectation is set by the consumers: it’s incredible ads during the super bowl, or bust.

What’s curious is there isn’t the same expectation in other mediums of advertising. In fact, advertisers are looking for solutions to issues like "banner blindness" and the consumer’s amazing ability to avoid seeing ads. The brands might turn to agencies for a solution. Agencies might look to the publishers to make it easier to sell into publications. Publishers might look at their designers for ideas.

But what makes a Super Bowl ad stick out? In the case of Coke’s Polar Bowl, it was unique, used impressive technology, funny, and let’s face it, cute. It was something with a high "cool" factor. Or perhaps take Doritos, with their contest for consumers to create the next Doritos ad to run during the game. This means potential Dorito-eaters are watching commercials for the snack on purpose, and engaging by voting for their favorite.

In short, they have inspiration. Someone sat down and thought: what can we do that’s different. We’d like to help you have some inspiration, as well. Here’s what you can do:

First, go to existtoinspire.com. There you’ll find a few inspiring wallpapers to download to your computer, iPhone or iPad. You can also view a poster with almost 50 ideas of what to do to find inspiration.

Second, ask us. We don’t hold all the answers, but we have a team of people we’d like to have you brainstorm with. It’s the same team of people who thought up great innovations such as web-in-page, delivering readers directly to advertiser’s website without leaving the magazine; dynamic and semi-dynamic ads which work in magazines made in responsive design; Web-Window, which allows readers to view additional content or your advertisers’ website over top of your page, saving them from leaving your digital edition; and more.

Third, don’t buy ad space during the Super Bowl. If you have to ask why, then you haven’t read about The Daily.