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What’s a HooClix?

Written by Marcus Grimm

One of the most fun aspects of having this blog is the ability to scoop ourselves. So right here, right now, we’d like to tell you about HooClix Enhanced Tracking.

Advertisers love the NXTbook format because the publisher of the magazine can tell them exactly how many people clicked on their advertisement. But anyone in marketing or sales can tell you that when it comes to leads, quality is the name of the game.

HooClix Enhanced Tracking answers that very question by capturing the domain-level information of the person who clicked on a given ad and placing it in a database, which is then sent to each advertiser in a custom report once per month. Now, advertisers will be able to know that someone from microsoft.com or google.com clicked on their ad.

Here’s a quote from our president, Mr. Ewald: “As a hybrid product, it’s imperative that digital publishers don’t just embrace the best magazine practices, but also that we utilize what technology companies are doing for other mediums. HooClix Enhanced Tracking is the latest example of that.”

All together, now: HooClix!