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What Is A Magazine? Join The Conversation

Written by Joy Beachy

What is a magazine?

In this blog, we frequently try to figuratively define digital publications for our audience by giving examples of a wide variety of digital editions, by discussing their goals and milestones, and by highlighting best practices related to digital publications. But we never really stop and say "This is a digital publication." And maybe that’s a good thing.

Maybe there’s more than one way to define digital editions. Just like there seems to be more than one way to understand the definition of a magazine. That box was opened, however, by well-known editor Christopher Phin when he asked, "What is a magazine?" In this article he lays out 17 different definitions of a magazine, and proceeds to question them all.

Phin’s questions inspire answers. Other writers – like journalist Alan Rutter – were moved to write their own reply. Alan’s definition included keywords like "curated," "finite," and "experience." Still more respondents chose a short-form response, collecting definitions under the twitter hashtag #whatisamagazine.

Magazines are going through a paradigm shift with the advancement of digital and fluctuation in advertising allocations. The definition of what a magazine is, does and can be is up for grabs. Now is a great time to decide what you want your publication to be. Start with defining your goals, and then call us to discuss how to make it happen.