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What if Ads Looked Like They Belonged?

Written by Joy Beachy

No, it’s not really another post about native advertising. But an article we posted to our Facebook page does touch on that, if you’re interested. The quote from the article, “Native is Good, Responsive is Better” focuses instead on a dream for advertising on publishers’ sites:

Display banners are disruptive and ignore the construct of a page.  Fonts, colors, and even context are largely ignored when pairing display ads with a publisher’s content.  A typical Web page will have anywhere from three to five advertisements, each designed without consideration of the publisher’s layout.  Clashing color schemes are a faux pas in fashion, home décor, and other creative circles — why not in our industry?”

Clashing colors, sizes, and messaging makes for a disruptive, unpleasant for readers. Your audience has become ad-wary, and adding the jarring element of uncertainty to your page takes away from your primary content. Native ads promise an easier reading experience by disguising sponsored content as though it is from or related to the publisher’s material, but many still debate the ethics and effectiveness of such a topic.

The article challenges publishers to consider what would happen if ads were made to look like they belonged on the web page. Without delving into disguising as publisher’s content, the ad would be focused on adding to the reader experience, rather than disrupting it. Consider everything from color scheme to pairing appropriate ads to article content. Making the reading experience better for your audience works to improve your credibility and your site’s stickiness.