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Well, They Can’t All Be Winners…

Written by Nxtbook Media

When you’re a platform agnostic company, one of the requirements is that you need a lot of devices to make sure your product can run on them flawlessly (or be tweaked to run flawlessly). Our development group has a growing stable of e-readers, tablets, mobile devices and more, so that we can build the best products for the best strategy.

So how bad does a product have to be that we send it back? Pretty bad, and for the first ever, it happened this week. The JooJoo was a much hyped tablet device, promising everything the iPad was (fun, zippy, powerful) and everything it wasn’t (Flash). However, the reality is it’s awful. Very awful. A Nxtbook couldn’t run on it, but truth be told, not much else can, either and if we kept it long enough to give it a nickname, it would’ve been "Crash."

Product sales were awful, too, and were made apparent when the manufacturer sent an e-mail to the 90 people that pre-ordered one, including us. Unfortunately, the marketing department for the company didn’t understand the difference between cc and bcc, so now we know who else ordered one. As you can imagine, as string of "reply all" e-mails followed, and the general disappointment of JooJoo customers was quickly aggregated.

As for us, we’re following the advice of this JooJoo reviewer and buying an additional iPad for the stable.

To be clear, you won’t find the JooJoo in the 2010 Nxtbook Guide to eReaders.