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Well, That’s a Plus

Written by Nxtbook Media

Last week, Joy offered some tips on what Google+ might or might not mean for your digital magazine readership. I’m still waiting to form my typical strong opinion about the service (my two week vacation kept me from jumping on this particular bandwagon as quickly as I normally do!), though my gut kind of agrees with this post where the author speculates that most of us are not that concerned with over-communication.

That said, I decided to dig into our analytics to see what is happening to readership via Google+. Thus far, the answer is not much, though we’ve yet to integrate it into the Nxtbook toolbar. In fact, of the two million Nxtbook readers in the past 30 days, only 23 of them came from Google+ (compared to thousands from Facebook & Twitter). 

Keep in mind, we’re at the very very beginning of this thing, so this isn’t meant to knock Google+ at all. In fact, I do think it will be a valuable tool for publishers. However, it will be most meaningful for those who’ve learned to sell engagement. It’s not a tool to triple page views, but perhaps a unique solution for those willing to strengthen the bonds with their biggest fans.