Does Your Web Copy Cause an Early Bounce?

June 17, 2014

Did you know 55% of average website visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on your website? (View stat source here.) The number is staggering, and partially due to the sheer flood of content available online, and partly due to the amount of the just bad content out there.
Within 15 seconds your website visitors will determine whether your site is worth their time, and easy mistakes like typos, dense copy, and dull tone could be immediate turn-offs. Use the following 5 point check-up on your website to see if your copy could be contributing to your visitors’ bounce rate:

1. Is your website focused on your audience?
a. Demonstrates an understanding of your visitors’ issues
b. Presents benefits over features

2. Is your website easy to skim?
a. Uses effective headlines and titles so visitors can locate information quickly
b. Uses bullet points and lists to break up content

3. Does your website offer proof of product, service, or brand?
a. Offer case studies and testimonials proving quality
b. Provide examples for complex or key concepts

4. Call to action
a. A prominent “next step” or desired action is clearly defined and is prominent
b. It’s easy for visitors to contact you directly

5. Style and Syntax
a. Uses industry-specific terms target prospects understand
b. Uses a balance of keywords unique to your industry and to your products for SEO

While this very basic checklist gives you a head start in evaluating your site’s effectiveness, each website, company is unique and deserves an in-depth review. Our team at Nxtbook can not only evaluate your site’s current standing, but we can also create a specific plan of action to get your site up to speed in generating leads, increasing engagement, or reaching other related goals.
Stop losing valuable visitor interest after 15 seconds. Let us help you create a plan that puts your best foot forward from first click.


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