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Wearable Tech Meets Publishing in (Crazy!) Futurustic Fiction Piece

Written by Joy Beachy

When the technology pundits point to Wearable Tech as the future of technology, I’m not sure they had this in mind.

A student at MIT completed a project which brings fiction stories to life in a whole new way. Where authors typically rely on words and descriptors to convey their characters’ physical and emotional well-being, there is now a device that simulates some of the physical conditions characters are experiencing in "real time." 

This device is worn around the torso and can create localized skin temperature changes, appropriate mood lighting with LED bulbs, and even constrict movement with pressurized airbags. The device triggers different actions based on the page the reader is viewing. View the prototype of the device here.

Wearable tech might be the future of technology, but it remains to be seen if this kind of device will find its bearings in the publishing world. All I know is, I won’t be wearing one of these next time I pick up a copy of Old Yeller: some books just shouldn’t be brought to life any more than they already are.