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Video’s Contribution to Catalog Success

Written by Nxtbook Media

An important step in evaluating the efficacy of a digital feature in any digital edition is to analyze what goals are being met. We’ve reported on several digital extras in the past, and digital videos are often at the forefront of discussion.

According to a 2010 eMarketer report, retailers find “videos boost sales conversion rates and reduce abandoned shopping cart and product return rates.” In our own research we found video was rated the most valuable to the reader’s experience of a digital edition. 75.2% reported that video enhances their reading experience the most. (Interestingly, the second highest scoring was being able to click for extra photos, which is kind of like a slow-playing video.) When it came to ads, one third of the respondents reported though they had little or no interest in the ad’s message, they’d play the digital extra — like video or animation — and then become engaged with the brand. (Click here to read the report.)

Word-of-mouth marketing, however, is still priority in consumers’ purchasing habits. Purchasers want to know what they’re getting, and how well it worked for other people, before they actually make the buy. That’s where testimonial, product demonstration, and customer review videos can really play a role in influencing viewers to buy. Place a video directly on the catalog page holding the product, and readers get an on-the-spot reference for that item.