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Using Microsites to Promote Your Publication

Written by Nxtbook Media

What would you say is the best way to promote your digital publication?

There isn’t exactly a top ten list of most effective methods to promote a digital edition. If there were, several of the methods Nxtbook Media account managers share with our clients would be on it. (Need some examples? Contact a representative and ask about circulation strategy.) Newsletter banners, homepage graphics, flipping icons in emails, and social media alerts are easy ways for publishers to start spreading the word. But for those who really want to commit to broadcasting their digital edition, a microsite might be the way to go.

Take this microsite for the Red Bulletin. Viewers are immediately engaged with a loud, brief video showing the publication on an iPad. From first sight viewers know the Red Bulletin is a digital publication available on the app store. As you scroll down, the microsite advertises the edition with compelling copy, large graphics, and interactive features. Each bite of content pushes readers to go to the app store and download the publication.

Fortunately, Nxtbook Media’s connection with Talefoundry makes it easy for publishers to pursue this level of promotion without having to find additional staff or a design agency. Talefoundry specializes in white-labeled custom marketing content, including microsites. Designers can work closely with you and the Nxtbook team to achieve the exciting, compelling microsite design to gain traction with your readers. If you would like taking your promotions beyond your current website or email list, contact your account manager.