Using a PDF for Content Marketing in 2022 is Like…

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Written by Matt Berringer

July 21, 2022

Here at Nxtbook Media we’ve been fighting the good fight against static PDFs for quite some time. We believe that in the year 2022, consumers expect excellence and a frictionless experience from every company they work with. That’s especially true for premium brands

PDFs are based on technology that was created in 1993… 

Think about it. You’ve spent all this time and energy to create amazing, buzz-worthy content and you’ve managed to get your prospect interested enough to trade their contact information for it and what do they get? A static document that’s basically unreadable on a mobile device.

What do you get? Just a record that they downloaded it. No further information on what they read, clicked, or shared.

Basically, funneling your high quality content through technology created nearly 30 years ago is a lot like… well, take a look: 

  1. Showing up to the prom in sweatpants from 1993, gray ones.
  2. Mountain climbing in cowboy boots. 
  3. Making Gordon Ramsay cook on a camp stove. 
  4. Taking your prom date to Arby’s. 
  5. Sprinting in a scuba suit. 
  6. Pouring rocket fuel into a 1993 Buick Skylark. 
  7. Playing Mozart through a cell phone speaker. 
  8. Making Motorhead play unplugged. 
  9. Watching Top Gun: Maverick on a 20 inch Quasar television.
  10. Swimming in a suit of armor. 
  11. Meeting Her Majesty the Queen in your pajamas.
  12. Asking Tony Soprano to babysit … just not really a great idea. 
  13. Drinking fine wine out of a beer bong from Spring Break in 1993. Jerry’s beer bong… you remember Jerry.
  14. Performing Shakespeare in Pig Latin. “o-Tay e-bay or-way ot-nay o-tay e-bay. at-Thay is-way e-thay estion-quay.”        

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If you’re ready to ditch PDFs and deliver a dynamic, engaging digital content experience to your customers and prospects, contact us today!

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