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Tracking…How am I doing?

Written by Marcus Grimm

Marcus Grimm, our Director of Marketing, often says, "A website is your page view tool, but your digital magazine is your engagement tool."  How can you tell if he’s right or if he’s wrong?  Simple, analyze your tracking.  In doing so, you’ll probably find the following to be true:  more people will visit your website than will visit your digital magazine (i.e. 2 different reading experiences); readers will spend MORE time with your content inside your digital magazine than your website; readers will click-through your digital magazine at a MUCH higher rate than your website.

Understanding that your digital magazine is your engagement tool is key, but what does your Nxtbook tracking tell you about how your readers are engaging and interacting with your content?  In analyzing reader behavior inside of the digital edition, engagement can be measured in many ways:

  • Average Visit Length:  A measure of the amount of time your readers are spending inside your digital magazine with your content.  For the purpose of basic comparison, in 2009, readers spent more than 5 minutes inside of all Nxtbooks.
  • Average Pages Viewed/Visit:  A measure of how many pages of content your readers are consuming per visit.  For the purpose of basic comparison, in 2009, readers consumed over 17 pages per visit for all Nxtbooks.
  • Click-Through Rates:  A measure of the level of interaction your readers have with your content (i.e. clicking on the URL links).  To calculate your click-through rate, take your total (page) clicks divided by your unique visits.  Due to the many variables (ad creative, call to action, circulation strategies, etc…) that affect how readers click, we don’t calculate an average click-through rate across all Nxtbooks.  However, your click-through rates inside your digital magazine should be much higher than those from your website.

If you would like us to perform an analysis of your tracking data, please feel free to contact your Account Management Team.